5 Fabulous Ways to Wear Fringe This Fall

Fringe is a trend that’s been around for a while, but suddenly, it seems to be shaking up fall!  Although it’s fun and flirty, too much of this good thing can make you look like an aging country music star.


fringe sleeve sweater gold

That doesn’t mean you have to turn a blind eye to the fringe. It will naturally appeal to many creative dressers with a bold style personality, and even classic dressers can enjoy some fringe benefits when they add this trend in small doses. If you’re on the fringe when it comes to fringe, check out these styling tips for how to wear fringe.

How to wear Fringe - balck knit Fringe Tweed Jacket Black Skinny Jeans outfit

1. Keep it Classic

When you’re shopping for something fringe, you’ll find plenty of shaggy boho pieces and lots of rough and rustic western fringe clothes too. But if you’re not that type, that kind of fringe will make you feel like you are wearing a costume.

One way to look classy and not trashy wearing fringe is to choose a classic, ladylike silhouette with a small or bold shot of well-groomed fringe. For example, I love the juxtaposition of long trendy fringe and the classic style of this Chanel-Esque plaid tweed jacket. The burgundy mules and olive bag pick up the colors in the plaid beautifully. Madame Chanel herself would approve.


How to wear fringe | Tall fringe boots with cream sweater and leggings

2. Have one Fringe Focal Point

The key to any trend that seems a little busy is to lead the viewer’s eye to one main focal point. In the case above, that means putting all the attention on these stunning taupe fringe over-the-knee boots. These fun fall boots stand out best when the rest of the outfit is quiet and subtle. No bright colors, no unusual shapes, no competing details. It’s all about the fringe boots, which add texture and movement that’s hard not to love.

How to wear Fringe trend | Taupe Oversized fringe sweater with skinny jeans and booties

3. Try the New Fringe Grampa Sweater

One way to look with it and not worked out in a lot of fringes is to be really conscious you are wearing a current style and not some dated old fringe piece you’d had at the back of your closet for goodness knows how long.

For example, everyone is talking about big, cozy Grampa cardigans – some of which come with a good shot of fringe.   A hairy beast like this makes a strong style statement, but the key is… it’s deliberate. So if this oversize, shaggy style appeals to you, nothing is stopping you from buying it and wearing it with attitude!

How to Wear Fringe -Striped black and blue fringe sweater with black pants

4. Colorblock It

A color-blocked top combined with fringe is another modern way to wear the fringe trend that you may not have thought of. Since there is a lot of color and pattern going on in the top, it’s best to keep the rest of the outfit dark and simple and let the fringe shine.

This top is a great place to start if you have always wanted to try fringe but were a little nervous about doing so. The fringe is subtle and just a little playful.

How to Style Fringe | Cream Fringe Sweater, Olive skinny jeans, brown cowboy booties


5. Go Neutral

Loud, bright colors and a ton of fringe may leave you looking like a fringe mop. If you are new to fringe or want a classy look, a neutral-colored cream fringe top is a soft and subtle way to introduce your wardrobe. Try a light-colored fringe top with neutral khaki pants and tan boots,  or put together a tone-on-tone look and see how fringe adds texture and visual interest to an otherwise basic sweater.

Are you interested in trying out the Fringe trend?

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  1. I love all your blogs. They’ve given me such great ideas how to put outfits together and still look my age. Thank you. Also, I get new ideas to freshen up my look.