5 Reasons People Think You Look Old

Let’s frumpy womanhave a reality check. Do you look old?  How can you tell?

Here are five common mistakes of women over 40 that make that make them look older than they are.  Could you be guilty of these mistakes?

1. Your shirt is too baggy

Many women walk around in loose oversized clothing because they say it is hard to find things that fit. This is partially true, but no excuse to looking frumpy.  In truth, the real reason most women wear baggy clothing is that they fear fitted clothing will expose all their bulges. Not true! Fitted clothing made from quality fabrics skim your curves and therefore fit and look 100% better.

2. Your blush  and eyeliner are too heavy

Those cheekbones are not going to appear, no matter how many tons of blush you apply. Less is more with makeup as we age. As for eyeliner, be careful to make sure it looks well blended and is not a hard line. Don’t wear black. It will look too harsh at least during the day. Try brown for a  softer look. Once you apply your eyeliner,  go over it with some powder on a thin angled brush and blend in the line.

3. Your sunglasses look  outdated

Are you wearing out of style or scratched sunglasses? You can spend a ton or a little, but no matter the price, oversize sunglasses with wider sides will make you look current and Age-mazing! Throw out all your old ones and get an update! Find a new pair that makes you smile, and you will feel and look younger instantly!

4. You are dressing too sexy

That might sound like a shocker to some…but dressing too young, CAN actually make you look older!  There’s a fine line once you hit 40, between sexy and silly but FAB after 40 will keep you on track!

5. Your hair is dry and brittle

As we age, our hair starts losing its luster. To help rejuvenate it, make sure you get a good cut on a regular basis, condition and don’t use too many drying products on it, like mousse or hairspray. Finally, buy a SHINE spray to apply styling. Shiny says healthy and vibrant!

Oh and one extra…… YOU ARE STARTING TO LOOK LIKE YOUR SPOUSE!!!! …….  see above, YIKES!!!

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons People Think You Look Old

  1. Sexy and slutty should not be confused. Personally I see many 20-something women in too short skirts, low tops, insanely high heels, and though society says they’re allowed because they’re firm and smooth – quite honestly they look like hookers and they’re trying too hard. At 40, 50 and beyond we should know better. On the other hand, one doesn’t want to be covered up like a nun either. Me, I always keep it sexy. Cleveage most definitely but only after 9 p.m. !

    1. Yes, there is a very fine line on how to dress sexy at any age!
      We like to think, it is ok to wear form fitting clothes with better quality fabrics…with skirts not too short(not more than 1-2 inches above the knee) , low neckline that is tasteful and not all these things at one time! Pick the area you want to show off and keep the rest more conservative!
      Basically if you think it is too sexy it probably is!

  2. Dear City Squirrel,
    What a GREAT idea… Thanks for sharing. Wow, sometimes the best way to solve a problem is not the most expensive way!
    Cheers! The Glam Gal, Deborah

  3. Re sunglasses: Most contemporary sunglasses are curved, which can’t be used for blended lenses. (And if you’re using anything else, stop right now and go to blended. :-)

    So I was thrilled when I found a pair of semi-antique, oversize frames from the 60s at Goodwill, exactly what you’re describing. I had them made into prescription sunglasses and lovelovelove them.

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