Look Sexy After 40

Your body may have changed a bit and you’re face isn’t as perfectly unlined as it used to be, but you still feel sexy and want to show it. What’s the best way to do that? Don’t try so hard. No need to shout when a whisper will do the trick. Here are 3 great ways to look sexy after 40.

Steer Clear of Cleavage Catastrophes

cleavage_250 Too much
A little mystery is always sexier than letting it all hang out, especially after 40 when everything is suddenly starting to head a little bit south. While Nigella still has a beautiful bust line, her dress leaves nothing to the imagination and looks like she’s serving herself up on a platter for a feast.
With her ample assets, she would have been better off in something a little less low-cut that emphasized her figure rather than just her enormous Better Choice
This glamorous silky brown jersey gown is bold and striking and would make Nigela look like a Greek Goddess. It’s still very sexy, but in a more refined way. (Lauren by Ralph Lauren Donnie One-Shoulder Dress with Ruffle

In summary, try this little trick to look sexy after 40. Instead of thinking, “I want to look sexy” and then going overboard by trying too hard, think, “I want to look gorgeous”, and you will end up looking sexy in a tasteful, age appropriate way.

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11 thoughts on “Look Sexy After 40

  1. I will be 49 soon. I am always told that I look 35 by men and women! I am 5” 4″ and 120 lbs. I take care of myself and have 7 grandkids also. I wear jeans mostly. Thank for the tips.

  2. My 40th was in November (2010) and I’m stumped on how to dress, what to care about and more. Recently, I had a 19 year old young lady tell me that she thought I was in my 20’s because of the shape I’m in. . . granted, she was a bit on the Titian side of things and probably was so caught up in her weight that she didn’t notice the crows feet, frown lines, smile lines, etc, etc, etc.
    I’ve never married and have marched to the tune of my own drummer, so to speak.
    In my late 30’s I used to make sure that I looked as though, “Being single was my choice” as well as behaving the part. Nothing worse than never being married and having everyone with a theory as to why (like everyone else is the ideal catch).
    The thing is. . . I have no idea what is working for me now. I want to feel good about how I look and how I appear, even if it is only how I appear to my twin niece and nephew who are 11. I want to be an example of a woman who has lived and alternate lifestyle.
    But I know I’m aging. I know how old I look. I’ve lived a very full life so far and every line of it is on my face.
    But my figure is pretty great. I find plenty of flaws, but I’m old enough to believe the feedback I get.
    I am a jeans and sweatshirt woman who has fashion sense. Sort of.
    I have no clue how to concur my 40’s with grace.
    And the articles I’ve found on the internet help me none.

  3. Looking for a natural product to help with hair loss. I will be 49, not working…E!!!!! Have fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, etc. etc….! I would prefer something topical, since I am taking enough medications and vitamins.

    Oh, seaching for a long lasting lipstick in a reddish shade, that I can wear everyday. I am a light skinned Hispanic, have been wearing pink, but would like a change. Also need to find an eye shadow too! Makeup has not looked so good for awhile. But then again, I do not sleep well! What a mess!


    1. Hi Joanna,
      Hair loss is a tricky one! However, I will put the word out and see if anyone can chime in on this discussion. We do know it is a very common problem for many over 40 women!
      Long lasting lipstick? Be careful.. some of them really dry your lips out and start looking funny after a while. Best bet is to start with some foundation on your lips, then powder and then line the entire lip (fill it in with liner) cover with lipstick and then a little gloss and your good to go!

  4. Aging gorgeously is a struggle when you live in a city like Las Vegas. That “bigger, better, more” mentality is everywhere from the supermarket, to the gym, and to your child’s graduation. It is as if a woman can’t feel comfortable in her own skin unless it’s been botoxed, lifted or enhanced. I love your too much / better choice section for some much needed visual reality checks for women who want to be the best they were meant to be!

    1. Hi Susan,
      Yes, the same is true in LA and Dallas and Miami, etc… but it is what it is.
      However, I’ve seen women looking wonderful with and with out surgery and fillers. It all depends on how much or how far you want to go.
      At least if you are dressing up to date,grooming yourself and exercising you’re doing everything to look the best that you can!
      I’m here to provide the inspiration for the dressing part!!!

  5. Please, oh please, tell me how to dress my aging and W-I-D-E-N-I-N-G torso! I have no clue as to where my waist went and I haven’t a clue why my lower belly is sooooo full and soft! What is going on and HOW do I dress it?????????

    1. Hi Kathryn,
      I can hear the frustration in your note and belive me YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
      So you have come to the right place! I’m here to help you “Tweak Your Chic”, and dress what you have!
      Stay tuned for more tips and tele-seminars that will bring us all together to tackle this tricky problem!

  6. Summer festivals in the park seem to bring out every over-forty fashion faux pas in the book. One of my favourites is the skort. Why is it that a woman who would never wear short-shorts thinks nothing of wearing a micro-mini skort? I think they look a little odd off the golf course. Can you set me straight on this? Also, if this is in fact an appropriate street look, what shoes would you wear with it?

    1. Hi Krystanton
      You are so right about the ‘skort”.. it is NOT a hip or cool way of dressing!
      Check out my latest blog posts for more inspiration for casual looks that will make you look FAB!