Top Mistakes Women Make Shopping at Outlet Stores

Do you love outlet shopping? If so, beware… you might think you are saving money when you are probably spending more and coming home with nothing that satisfies your urge to have something wonderful to wear!

Here are some women’s top mistakes when shopping at an outlet or large discount store!

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1. Shopping with no idea or goal on what you want to buy

If you go to an outlet with no idea what you need to buy, it’s overwhelming. Before you shop, take inventory of your closet. Then make a list and take it with you!

2. Getting off track

Once you decide what you are looking for (e.g., a new casual outfit or a dress for an upcoming event), go into the appropriate store, find the salesperson and tell her what you are looking for. That will help you stay focused and limit what you take into the dressing room.

3. Buying ANOTHER black item!

Unless your goal is to buy something in black, I find that most women over 40  have way too much black in their closet. Wearing less black is hard to do, but the rewards are great! If you avoid buying black, you are forced to add something colorful to your closet, making you feel like a million bucks!!

4. Trying on all Colors

Beware that not all colors suit all skin types. You need to know which colors look best on you and stick only with those. If you stay with one “season,” all your clothes will mix and match in the future! When you choose items from many color categories, you limit the outfits you can mix and match in the future. (For more help, contact your local image consultant for a color consult! It will be worth it!!!)

5. Letting those SALE tags seduce you into buying!!

You may be tempted to buy things when you see all those incredible “discount” prices…but don’t do it! Instead, slow down and ask yourself these three questions:

~Do I already own something similar?

~Do I love the fit, color, and style of it?

~Is it something that I will be able to wear, and it makes me feel special? (this is the most critical question to ask yourself!)

Asking yourself these questions will help you make better buying decisions. Most women find that they buy “safe” items or just basics…like another pair of jeans or a simple t-shirt. If you are going to an outlet, now is the time to find that unique piece to add to your closet! Don’t blow your money on things you can pick up anywhere!

6. Not trying things on!

We’ve all done it. You’re at the counter, and you pick up some last little item and throw it into the pile without even bothering to try it on because the price is “just too good to pass up”! This is a big mistake. I’ve found that I don’t want or need it more often than not when I try it on.

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7 thoughts on “Top Mistakes Women Make Shopping at Outlet Stores

  1. More on boring undergarments… if you have other glam gals after hot but practical gear, I discovered pleasure state undergarments – and up to G cups… I now have Persian red, ivory, and onyx bras with tiny crystals and lots of vavavoom! Despite being three children, etc., later, these are smooth but just a lot spicier than usual. Yeah, I am converted! Jennifer

  2. Thanks, Deb, for the advice. I have taken a few days off to re-jig the wardrobe, so your advice is welcome! Have fun and keep writing your blog. J

  3. Hi Fab Deborah. You raised a question for me in this entry – how do we build a wardrobe without so much black? I KNOW I want to move away from this color, and I am a winter coloring, so it is not such a lousy base color. Plus, here in Australia, I notice we usually have a choice of black and a seasonal fashion color… I am over the red or bright with black and refuse to do pastel and black. I found one store with darker/duller blended colors aimed at the over 35 funky women’s markets (see They are great!), but this is one of the few I know of. Any ideas would be great for getting less black and more color into your wardrobe. It drains me now. Also, in this vein, I am SOOOO over practical nude or black T-shirt bras (oh, how functional), but if I have to do one more year of blah, I will scream! Any ideas on getting mileage in a busy life from the lingerie drawer without feeling so frumpy? I want hot pink lace and lots of it! Maybe you have other followers who would also be interested. I am considering a satin floral number in a reasonably neutral tone (you know those cute ones out this summer), but other ideas are good. Do I go blue, so it blends with my blue tops, etc.? Thanks, Deb – I love your blog! I check it every day when I want a little break from work. Jen

    1. Hi Jennifer.
      It sure is hard to overcome ABD (Abundant Black Disorder)…so I will write a post about it and see if we can help you spice up that wardrobe! The Veronika Maine website had some beautiful items on it! Thanks for recommending it!
      Onto your subsequent comment about going for something other than “practical” in the lingerie drawer… When I was in Paris recently, it was apparent that the European woman takes her underwear very seriously!!! Matching your panties and bra is a must; they are usually beautiful and feminine! I find many pretty styles not as comfortable, but if you try them on first, you can ensure you won’t have a bra that sits in the drawer taking up space. I recently got a pretty coral, very comfortable bra in the sale bin at Victoria’s Secret. I don’t like them to have “lace” on the cup part since they tend to show throw, and I want my clothes to have a smooth finish.
      I say, keep trying and always buy at least two matching bottoms!!
      Good luck, and thanks for your comment and kind words!

  4. I live near a major shopping outlet. Never go there. I don’t see any bargains, and when I go there, I always leave empty-handed. Since many people there are from South America, maybe there are great deals for them.

    1. Hi Lesa,
      You do have to know your prices, that is for sure! Sometimes the outlets carry merchandise just made for their outlet stores, so the quality is not there. However, I recently visited a local outlet and found some fantastic deals. I am going to write about it this week! However, you are very SMART to leave empty-handed. Much better to buy nothing than things that will clutter up your closet!!

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