Adrian Allen Shoes – Heels Without The Hurt

I’m kicking up my heels over of a new brand of footwear that’s brought a lot of excitement to my wardrobe lately.

Adrian Allen Shoes - Stella 1

Take a look at these cute and comfy shoes from Adrian Allen!

Adrian Allen Shoes - Stella 2

These are called the Stella. They have a wide, 2.5 inch platform heel and have quickly become the brand’s most popular shoe. Low and easy to wear, these shoes have got me thinking that I may not have to give up heels after all.

drian Allen Shoes - Stella 3

Here’s the backstory.  I recently attended a family memorial in high heel dress shoes (the kind I used to wear all the time, everywhere in my 30’s, but now in my 50’s, only care to wear for very special occasions).

After my sweet husband dropped me as close as he possibly could to the reception door because I could barely walk, I wobbled up a long flight of stairs and sat down at a big round cloth-covered table.

I then, discreetly slipped off shoes so my feet could breathe, and I never put those heels back on again until it was time to go. At the end of it all, I really thought my days of heels were over.

Adrian Allen shoes - Stella 4

Next thing you know, I got the chance to try out these shoes, and I must say my faith in heels has been restored.

What is it with my feet anyhow? They never used to hurt? I did a little research, and it turns out that what we’ve all heard is true. As we age our feet cushions get thinner, our toes spread and our feet widen; they actually get bigger. That and a lot of other stuff that goes with our feet makes it really hard to wear heels past a certain age.

Adrian Allen Shoes - Stella 5

Thank goodness Gwen Allen, the entrepreneur behind Adrian Allen shoes figured all this out and began making shoes to solve the problem.

Adrian Allen Shoes - Stella 6

This is the second time I have tested a pair of Adrian Allen shoes (the first pair was the Donna), and I’ve found them to be very comfy and easy to walk in. The criss-cross ankle strap gives good support, and I was really surprised how sturdy they felt on my feet.

Adrian Allen Shoes - Stella 7

Not only that, but these shoes are very chic looking too, something which is hard to find with a comfort shoe. The Stella comes in an elegant tan nubuck which is fabulous year round and looks very sophisticated worn with white pants. It also comes in black.

It’s got sporty zippers on the heels and cute tassels that swing as you walk, adding loads of style.

Adrian Allen Shoes - Stella 8

What I love most about the Stella is you can wear it with anything. It looks great with a dress or skirt, but equally cute with a casual pair of pants or jeans.

Adrian Allen Shoes - Stella 9

If you love heels and don’t want to give them up, you may find these Adrian Allen shoes calling your name. I for one, love being able to enjoy some height, without the hurt. Check out the Stella along with several other fabulous styles created by a woman for women, just like us.

Thanks to Adrian Allen for sponsoring this post. To learn more, see my page: Blog Monetization and Disclosure.

photo: Megan Weaver
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6 thoughts on “Adrian Allen Shoes – Heels Without The Hurt

  1. Great idea.. heels do hurt in old age .so these shoes should be given a try…..thanks for this mail.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I will check these out. I don’t have a lot of pain with my feet but alittle. & I still have cute casual shoes with heels but mostly wedges type heels with casual stuff. In the South since I’m in Mississippi the Yellow Box & Viollative flip flops are seen everywhere. They are the glass slippers of the South, ha! I read that somewhere. I wear a 5 or 5.5 in shoes so my foot hasn’t grown a lot but I wish it would as 6 would be ideal to me to find shoes easy. I love the shoes you have on & will surely tell my friends & check them out too. Being petite I will never give up heels I don’t think so need options. You are super lucky to have a normal foot size & height to carry off even a flat. Thanks for letting us in on this new place to shop!

  3. Just what i’ve been looking for, thank you! BTW i love your top – may i ask where you got it please?

  4. Thank you Deborah!!I am going to check these shoes out. Heels hurt my feet a lot so dont wear them much!!

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