Adrian Allen Shoes – When Style Meets Comfort

Spring is nearly here, and I can’t wait to get out and do a little walking around town. This year it’s going to be in a pair of these fabulous new shoes.

Adrian Allen Shoes Deborah Boland

A lot of you have been asking me where you can find a classy, little shoe that doesn’t kill your feet, and today I have the answer!

Adrian Allen shoes low heel Deborah Boland

I want to introduce you to Adrian Allen shoes. Adrian Allen is a new brand of very fashionable footwear that is sophisticated and elegant but also ultra comfy! Who would have thought this possible?

Gwen Allen started the company when she realized she had a closet full of pretty shoes that she could no longer tolerate wearing, but she couldn’t find any other shoes that were both stylish and comfortable. Her idea to create elegant, low-heel dress shoes was born!

Adrian Allan Shoes Donna

The great thing about Adrian Allen is they ONLY make shoes with heels under 2″.  All their shoes have sturdy heels and rounded toes, (not pointy which hurt your feet).

Adrian Allen Shoes worn by Deborah Boland at a cafe

The toe area is designed to conceal bunions, and there is padding all the way from toe to heel that is soft like a cloud.

Adrian Allan comfort shoes

They have several fabulous styles to choose from. One cute touch is that every shoe has a name. I’m wearing the Donna.

Adrian Allen shoes black print Deborah Boland

The Donna had a chic black dot pattern, but it comes in straight black too, and it has a 1″ block heel. (Since Adrian Allen shoes have a wider toe, you will want to go down a ½ size for the Donna.)

Gwen tells me she interviewed over 200 women to validate her assumptions about heel height and toe shape and to select the styles to manufacture. She literally went into the closets of about 10 women to thoroughly understand the frustrations they were having with dress shoes. Don’t we know all about that!

All Adrian Allen shoes are made in Brazil. You can see they’re quality and they look fantastic paired with dresses, cropped pants, and even jeans!

I love the classic look and feel of these shoes and appreciate the 1″ heel. These are basically like a ballet flat, but that touch of height makes you look longer, leaner, and sleeker in your clothes.

Adrian Allen shoes for women Deborah Boland

Be sure to check out Adrian Allen if you want a shoe that is dressy and comfy, but you’ve had problems finding one. These shoes are a great solution when you can’t tolerate heels but don’t want to look like a frump in flats!

Thanks to Adrian Allen for sponsoring this post. To learn more, see my page: Blog Monetization and Disclosure.

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19 thoughts on “Adrian Allen Shoes – When Style Meets Comfort

  1. I saw the picture with the shoes and pants
    with the zipper on the bottom. What is
    the name of the pants you were wearing?

  2. Such a comfortable style!! You look so in vogue, and these are delightful outfits; those shoes are better than average and have flawless coordinating style, and I love the fantastic way to grandstand. This looks so astounding. You completed an extraordinary kind of work around town.

  3. Hi Deborah, what would you recommend to wear to a Michael Jackson tribute concert on a cold evening that still looks good but warm after finishing work? Thanks, Mary and Ire.

    1. Hi Mary, It depends on the venue. Is it a small nightclub or a large concert hall? Black casual pants, a bright white shirt or blouse, and a touch of red/and or glitter seem very Michael Jackson to me. A nice leather jacket would be great too.

  4. I was with you until you used the F-word. I think labeling those who wear flats as “frumpy” is not just unnecessary; it’s harsh! Apartments are better for your feet, posture, and back, not to mention those bunions you referred to. I find that sort of thing creates a kind of in-crowd/out-crowd mentality similar to high school. I’ll have to be in my bubble, just like always. In my bow and my flats!

    1. Hi Paula,
      Thanks for your comment. I think you may have read too much into this. I wear flats 90% of the time and think I look great, but there are days when I wear something special, and apartments make me look and feel frumpy. In those cases, I want a bit of a heel, but I also like comfort. That’s why these ballet flats with the one-inch heel are so great. That’s all I was saying, and I never meant to offend. Cheers, Deborah

  5. Thank you for bringing us this great news! I am so hoping these shoes will be comfortable and stylish. Ordered Stella. Nx ously awaiting their arrival

    1. Hi Cathy, Glad you like the outfit. The sweater is a new brand I just discovered called Massimo Dutti. I almost didn’t go into the store; it looked so high-end. But it turned out to be quite reasonable and the styles fantastic. It seemed kind of like an Italian Zara.

  6. I liked the look of the shoe. However, many women need a strap a cross the instep because their heels are narrow. I would offer the option of an instep strap with every shoe like that. As it is, I usually take a shoe like that and bring it to a shoemaker to put on the belt. I do this with pumps as well.

  7. You look fantastic! Those shoes are adorable. I will be checking them out. Please tell me where you got those pants. I love them, and they look great on you. BTW I love your newsletters. You have got it going on, girl!

  8. Those shoes look fantastic! I wish they came in my size. I wear a 5.5, so I would need to size down to a 5. The website carries sizes starting at 6. So sad for me.

  9. Deborah, you are such an inspiration! You look stunning, as usual. But I particularly love this outfit and adore the shoes.

  10. The cut of this shoe takes it out of the geriatric category; very cute. Wonderful photos. Best over-40 I’ve found.

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