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Are Your Breasts Heading South?

saggy bustI loved this tip from Image consultant  Brenda Kinsel on how to judge whether you have sagging breasts.

The author of 40 after 40: Forty Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Getting Dressed, recently told Oprah:

Stand in front of a full-length mirror. Put your hands on your hips. Draw an imaginary line across your shoulders and an imaginary line across your waist — if your bust line is in the middle or north or the mid-point, you’re in good shape. If it’s south, you need to lift your breasts to have more room between your waist and your bust line.

Droopy breasts make you look tired and matronly. Perky breasts instantly shave off some years. So try this test, then hike up those bra straps, or even better, get out there and treat yourself to a sexy new bra with lots of support.

Remember: as we age, gravity takes its toll, and our undergarments become even more important than our clothes.

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