Best Shoes to Wear With Cropped Wide Leg Pants


If you have avoided wearing cropped wide-leg pants because you weren’t sure what shoes to wear with them, you are not alone. Many of my readers have been wondering the same thing. So here’s a look at the best shoes to wear with both dressy and casual cropped wide-leg pants.

1. High Heels 

I’m not going to lie. Many brands show wide-leg pants with high-heeled pumps or sandals because many women need to wear these kinds of pants with confidence.

Wide legs pants are tricky to wear because they make your legs look shorter than they are. So, if you are not tall and slim, to begin with, wide-leg pants can make you look wide and stubby.

A high heel fixes that problem and also makes these types of pants look more dressy and flowy.  Wide legs pants are similar to long skirts. They look best when you look leggy.

shoes for wide-Leg-Crops-Navy-Striped-Blazer-cream pumps

Heels look especially fab worn with dressy wide-leg pants. I’m talking about the kind of wide-leg pants you might wear to work or on an evening out. High heels give you a refined, feminine look and are sexy.


Black Jumpsuit Black Mules

2. Backless Loafer Mule

If there’s no way you can stand wearing heels, even with a dressy outfit, then try a classy flat, backless loafer mule. Choose a leather or suede mule in a color that matches your skin or in the same color as your pants. This will help create the illusion of longer legs and also looks more polished.

shoes for Wide-Leg-Crops-Rust-

3. Low-Medium Block Heel 

The other shoe option (although a more casual look) is a low-block heel. This type of shoe goes with more of a middle-of-the-road semi-dressy look. This shoe has a back on the heel, so it is not as elongating as a backless shoe, but it still looks great.  Block heel sandals are certainly a comfortable, everyday option to wear with wide-leg cropped pants.

Culottes - Navy Top

4. Mules or Slides

Another type of shoe that works well is a block heel mule or a wedge slide. These look casual but give you some height.

shoes for Wide-Leg-Crops-sandals-

5. Flat Sandals

If your wide-leg cropped pants are very casual, like this striped linen pair, then flat sandals are just fine. They go with this vacation look that makes one feel you’ve just stepped off the beach.

6. Sneakers

Sneakers are also an option for casual wide-leg cropped pants, but keep them light looking. Anything heavy or clunky is going to weigh you down and make you look very frumpy. I would say this is not the best look for most gals.

Black Velvet Culottes Plaid Scarf

7. Booties

In winter, fall, or spring, a classy pair of booties always looks very chic with wide-leg pants, and a higher heel is usually more comfortable as part of a bootie instead of a shoe.

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2 thoughts on “Best Shoes to Wear With Cropped Wide Leg Pants

  1. I find you suggestions very helpful. I am 75 and find it difficult to wear heels much now. However, I love jazzy fun wide legged culottes, so your tips are welcone.
    Regards Cindy

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