Block Heels – Height Without The Hurt

Fashion is finally giving us what we’ve wanted for a long time – stylish shoes with heels that are easy on the feet.  Thank goodness for block heels!  They’re fashion-forward, yet sensible, and they come in lots of different heights too.


Why do I like block heels?

For years, I wore super high stilettos and thought nothing of it. But then I hit my 40’s, and my lifestyle shifted. I left the corporate world, and the way I dressed became much more casual. Today I’m a mom with three teenagers, and I work from home. I don’t wear stilettos anymore unless I’m going to a conference, a special function, or the odd dressy date night out.

Skinny high heels don’t feel comfortable now, and they’re certainly not practical for running errands, going shopping, driving kids around, and all those things that make up a big part of my life these days.

Still, I hate to feel like an old lady wearing flats all the time, which is why 60’s inspired chunky block heels are a great in-between.  You get the height,  but the sturdy, square heel makes block heels comfy. Here are some fabulous-looking block heel shoes that look great with a mod dress or a sleek modern outfit.

Pretty Proper

Many of you have asked me for a versatile dressy, low-heeled shoe that will go anything.  This Tory Burch Pump is a great pick. If you are truly after comfort, you are going to love this glossy leather block-heeled shoe in this sophisticated stone color.

Some low block heeled shoes can look a little bit like the kind your Nana wore, but not these.  This shoe’s sleek, dramatic buckle gives it a fashion-forward edge. Also available in black leather and navy suede.


Sexy Knee High Boots

Here’s a gorgeous-looking knee-high boot from Franco Sarto. This is modern and sexy, with a lightly cushioned footbed that is sure to take you from 9-5.


Playful and Fun

Sometimes you want to slip on a shoe, run out the door, and have fun. I like the look and feel of this chic bootie with geometric cutouts. It would be great with jeans or cropped pants, or cute with a dress too. Suede is always in style, fall, winter, and spring.


Classic Mary Jane

The classic Mary Jane gets an update in this graceful wine-colored pump with a slender strap. It’s delicate and lady-like but sturdy too.

Also available at midnight.


Suede Booties

Here’s a lush suede bootie that comes up well past your ankle.  The almond-shaped toe and block heel guarantee comfort. This elegant bootie is sleek, modern, and sexy, and the color is gorgeous.


Modern and chic

If you are looking for a block heel that’s a bit different, this gray suede bootie is the one for you. The unique heel and pointy toe set it apart from other booties. The soft sharkskin gray is bold yet subtle enough to wear every day. Imagine this with all those wine-colored shades we are seeing or wear it with black. Now it’s your turn. Do you like block heels over 40? Yay or Nay?

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17 thoughts on “Block Heels – Height Without The Hurt

  1. I love the block heel on tall boots or ankle boots but haven’t been a big fan of them on shoes. I usually wear a wedge with pants or some pointed-toe pump with dresses unless it’s summer and does cute sandals with heels to make the legs look longer. I do wear boots with dresses too. Being petite is a challenge for us shorties. I? Very few flats in my closet, but if I were taller would wear them more.

  2. These shoes look great, but I have a question for Deborah or anyone else. I injured my calf and my right foot several years ago while gardening. I’m also developing a bunion on that same foot. Most people don’t notice it, but I know it’s there. My left foot is just fine. My only comfortable options are a specific style of athletic shoes and one pair of stretchier ballet flats in black. Those took me five years to find. I can also wear thong-style sandals since there is no pressure on the bunion from straps or fabric. Stretch fabrics feel best on my feet, and higher heels are out as they push my feet forward. Does anyone have any options for prettier shoes that are comfortable with some support? I feel great, but my feet are starting to look like my grandma’s, as are my shoes. Thanks.

    1. Have you tried the brand Munro? I have the world’s worst feet, which seem to be the only brand I can wear. They do seek shoes in a stretchy fabric…are not the most stylish but not awful…sold on Zappos, and also at Nordstrom’s, more styles online than in their stores.

    1. Hi Marie, I had to click through to see the pink pearl color. I would suggest silver shoes and a silver purse. White is too harsh and not glam enough for this dress. I hope that helps. Deborah

  3. I wouldn’t say I like block heels; they are not attractive and complicated to wear if you have small ankles and legs; all you see is that heel. An excellent high heel rather than a stiletto would be nice, though. I love looking at your site.

  4. I love the block heels. I still have difficulty with foot pain and walking in the taller heels, but at least I can have hope of something fashionable without the granny look. Love them.

  5. Undoubtedly these shoes are all very comfortable. However, there is always this thin line between stylish and granny style.
    I like your faves.

  6. I always did like block heels. They were so in the late 90s as well, and I was less than thirty then and still loved them. I think they are a classic, much more realistic look, and I believe the right ones may even give a more professional look than narrow heels. So it is a welcome comeback as far as I am concerned. Plus, I don’t think they necessarily give an old vibe (not that old is wrong). It depends on the overall style and color.

  7. I still wear heels and even the occasional platform wedge shoe. I am petite and not a big fan of flats, but I like a low-block heel as an alternative to a flat. I wear plain, low block heel shoes with leggings and a tunic or a short skirt or dress. I find the look just slightly more elongating than flats, which tend to make my legs look like they end an inch sooner. My basic black ones are wearing out, so I must look for a replacement pair while the selection and quality are good.

  8. I love block heels in all shapes and sizes. I can’t wear stilettos since an illness left me with limited mobility in my ankles. The block heels are perfect for that. I liked the little beige ones with bows, they almost look like little ballet shoes, but I adore the first ones with lots of colors, great for summer. The slingback was super cute too. It depends on what you match any of these with – the retro look could look cool and not grandmas with the right outfit.

  9. While block heels are practical, I feel that they age a woman drastically. As a 47 yr old, I want to look fabulously hip. A block heel, no matter how pretty the rest of the shoe, indeed makes one look older. They are more for a woman in her … the Maybe mid to late 60s and over. There is no way to dress a block heel that will look younger unless it is a stiletto type.

  10. I just bought a pair of adorable silver sandals to wear with a red dress on a cruise. His approx 2″ high heel is a block heel, and now I can wear them confidently. I learned that they are stylish even if they aren’t skinny heels! Ank you, Fab, after 40!

  11. I love the New Egizia Slingback Sandals, but the ones by Diane Von Furstenberg look almost exactly like my grandmother’s ones. I am hesitant to go down that road yet.

    I am glad to see this trend because the block heels are so comfortable and easy to walk in.

    1. You might be surprised at how nice they would look. I have a similar pair that are about two years old. Mine is red. I wore them today with a red T-shirt dress of heavy acetate knit and got many compliments. I have realized that sometimes things look better on me than they rack or in the box.

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