Blush Midi Dress Works for All Special Occasions!

Did you know the biggest dress buying season is right now?  That’s because there are so many special occasions in the spring in summer that we ladies love to dress up for!

Do you need a dress for Easter, Mother’s Day, or your son or daughter’s college graduation? Do you have a baby shower coming up, a christening, a bridal shower or a wedding you have to attend?


blush dress-2


Whatever the event, this gorgeous blush midi dress from Maggy London (similar here) is perfect for so many special occasions!

Blush Midi Dress Works for All Special Occasions!


I’m all about effortless elegance, and this dress is all that. It’s got a gorgeous wrap front and a super figure-flattering silhouette. This soft blush shade called, Antique Rose.

Blush Midi Dress Works for All Special Occasions!



Everything about this dress is so feminine and understated. I love the gentle draping and the way the crisscross neckline frames my face. I find that as I get older fluid fabrics and smooth sweeping lines really help soften the little facial wrinkles that have started to creep in.

Blush Midi Dress Works for All Special Occasions!



This is a dress that is very comfy and easy to move in. It’s got some stretch to it, and it’s nice and lightweight. I’ve paired it with these delicate cinderella pumps as I like to call them. They are a peachy blush suede at the heel and toes with clear plastic inbetween. They look so modern!

Blush Midi Dress Works for All Special Occasions!




You cannot go wrong with a dress like this. It is very sophisticated and had a timeless quality. I’m wearing it with fine gold jewelry; nothing big or heavy that would take away from the refined look. I also wore some shapewear underneath the dress to make my body look extra smooth and sleek

Blush Midi Dress Works for All Special Occasions!



I’ll be wearing this dress to a wedding soon, and a few other places, too.  I love it when I find a dress that I can get a lot of wear out of. There’s nothing worse than wearing a dress once and then seeing it hanging in your closet forever after. But with this beautiful dress no wasted dress, no wasted money!

Thanks to Maggy London for sponsoring this post. To learn more, see my page: Blog Monetization and Disclosure.

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5 thoughts on “Blush Midi Dress Works for All Special Occasions!

  1. Hello- I purchased this dress based on your recommendation. The fit is fabulous except adjusting all the wrap around the bustling so one doesn’t look like they have a nursing bra on is difficult and I am a light summer color season so the color was just too drab even for me. I think this ldress looks fabulous on you due to makeup and your ultra light and delicate coloring. However, I caution people who don’t have delicate or very tanned skin to seek something with a bit more oomph…Am returning it. Had it had a bit more vibrant color, I would have kept due to fit.

  2. Hello Deborah, You look fabulous in that dress! Which makes me think…do you have tips on how to pose, move, and look wonderful, as you do, in photos?

    1. Why thanks Jennifer!! Modeling is new to me and it’s not always easy. I think the biggest tip I can give is one to turn your body so you are facing the camera at an angle and put on foot in front of the other. This is very slimming compared to standing straight on to the camera. The other thing is to laugh. I try to think of something funny or pleasurable in my life that brings a smile to my face. When you feel happy inside that comes across! Cheers, Deborah

  3. Love that dress on you. The colour is gorgeous and so complimenting to your skin tone, and great shoes too. I agree it can be worn to so many special occasions.

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