Cable Knit Sweater Dress Styled 4 Classy Ways!

A cable knit sweater dress is one of the most classic, versatile pieces you can own. It’s perfect for right now since we’re all focused on dressing more casual, comfy, and getting the most out of our fashion dollar.  Here’s a peek at a super cute sweater dress I just picked up at Talbots and 4 fantastic ways I found to style it!

Look #1 Modern: Sweater Dress + Belt and Booties

rust sweater dress

It’s super easy to switch it up when you start with a simple, beautiful sweater dress like this. All you need are a few accessories, and you can totally change the vibe of the dress to suit your mood or the occasion.

This darling cable knit sweater dress from Talbots is pretty fabulous as is, with its flattering straight up and down cut, perfect length, and classy gold shoulder buttons. But to make it a little more trendy, I’ve added a wide wooden buckle belt and some sassy suede booties!

This chic belt gives my outfit a great focal point and adds some cool texture. I purposely picked a belt in a similar color to my dress because tone-on- the tone is always so slimming. My belt is also a great way to fake a waist. Naturally, we get a little thicker around the waist at midlife, and the belt helps combat looking like a block!  ( Don’t forget the Spanx for an ultra smooth look)

How do you like the booties?

rust sweater dress with wide belt

Suede is ideal with a sweater dress. It’s so rich looking with a knit, and the color is fantastic. It’s early in fall, so I went with bare legs, but by all means, throw on a pair of tights once the weather turns. It will be!

The cute pendant necklace also adds a lot to the outfit, and you can never go wrong with a touch of animal print. This calfskin leopard bag work like a charm to unite all these pieces


Look #2 Elegant: Wrap + Sweater Dress

sweater dress with black boots

This kind of look is always a favorite of mine. I’m a big fan of wrap and capes – I love the drama! And with sexy tall black suede boots – Lookout, I’m coming for you! This is my power fashion look. It’s always so elegant and chic. This time I went with a thinner black belt to match my boots and then tossed on my cashmere, leopard print wrap.  My trusty Tory Burch tote fit in perfectly!

These dark oversize glasses added a glamorous finishing touch.

sweater dress with leopard wrap

Think about how much fun you could have with different wraps. This leopard wrap has a sexy edge. A plaid wrap would also be stunning.  A floral wrap would give it a romantic vibe, or you could go with a bold, graphic wrap if you wanted to project an artistic, creative feel.

Look #3 Chic: Long Vest +Sweater Dress

sweater dress with long vest

Now, this is a little different. I had been wearing this vest over a top and pants and thought I would try it over this sweater dress. I was not disappointed. This turned out to be another great look – very sophisticated with a fashion-forward feel.  I thought this was a great way to show a little authority without wearing a traditional jacket, although a jacket with this dress would be great too!

sweater dress with camel vest

You could wear the vest open. I’d wear a long pendant with it if this were the case, but I like the pulled-together look of the vest belted over the sweater dress. This outfit has a real executive presence!

Look # 4 Cute: Hike It Up and Belt It

sweater dress with leopard belt

Here’s an idea that came to me when I thought about a really casual way to wear this cable knit sweater dress. I don’t always want to wear a bootie or heels, so how could I wear it with flats. Yes, I could wear it as it comes with a pair of flats, but I wanted something a little sportier, so the idea came to me to hike up the sweater dress with a belt and wear these shoes.

The nice thing about this dress is that it is slim-fitting but not clingy or tight. I could belt it loosely and then up the fabric above the belt, so it hung over the belt a bit. It made the skirt shorter and sportier, so it looked better with flats ( a longer can look dowdy with flats), and it gave my outfit a more relaxed feel.

sweater dress with leopard print shoes

Super cute, right? Just what you want for buzzing around town, and the leopard detail makes it flirty and fun.  There really are endless ways to style this rust sweater dress. I’ve just touched on a few. And the great thing is if rust is not your color, this dress also comes in 3 other beautiful shades: a coconut camel color, chambray blue, and the prettiest heather gray.

I’ve linked the cable knit sweater dress above. Some of the accessories have been in my closet for a long time, but I have found some other similar things I have also linked.

You can’t go wrong with this cable knit dress. It’s an obvious winner and very reasonably priced too. So do check it out, and if you purchase one, I would LOVE to see how you style it. Don’t forget to send me a photo or join my private Facebook group for newsletter subscribers and post it there!

*Thanks to Talbots for sponsoring this post.

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7 thoughts on “Cable Knit Sweater Dress Styled 4 Classy Ways!

  1. OH la la! I just love the different styled outfit combinations! you are awesome!! so simple! yet so elegant, classy and sassy! Thank you for always inspiring us.

  2. Thank you! I will wear my oatmeal sweater dress more now, with my long black cashmere vest-I never would have put them together. You are so clever.