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How to Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Cancer

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Does Your Zodiac sign influence the way you dress? Follow along as I continue my Zodiac Style series and find out. Today it’s all about Cancer.

Both peaceful and passionate, perhaps the best way to describe a Cancer woman, born between June 22nd – July 22nd, is that she is like the tide: strong-willed, persistent, and yet receding and retreating into herself if she is upset or provoked.

The Cancer woman has a strong sense of empathy. She is sensitive and sympathetic, often putting the needs of others above her own. Cancers are highly imaginative and intuitive and go with their gut. Strong-willed, persistent, loving, and kind, you can count on a Cancer woman to always have your back.

Famous Cancer Women Over 40

Famous Cancer women over 40

Elizabeth McGovern, Meryl Streep, Sofia Vergara, Jerry Hall

Cancer Style

  • Refined, poised, and polished
  • It relies on timeless classics
  • Elevated & elegant
  • Favors soft, smooth fabrics like silk, satin, and jersey
  • Romantic
  • Drawn to vintage
  • Has an affinity for the Sea (being the crab)
  • Likes nautical touches and ocean blue-green shades


Fashion for women over 40: Cancer Zodiac Style


Casual Cancer

Cancers rely on timeless classics but don’t think that means boring for a minute. They look for pieces with elegant details that elevate essential classics and make them something special. Take this outfit, for example. Nothing is more classic and necessary than a white top, black jeans, and casual shoes. But the grommets and bell sleeves on this nautical-inspired top add a level of polish that you don’t get with a basic t-shirt.

Likewise, the knotted strap on these slides – which, by the way, are currently on sale! This sporty striped Kate Spade bag is a spot-on way to finish this classy, casual look.

Fashion for Women Over 40: Cancer Zodiac Style Dressy

Dressy Cancer

This refined silhouette, soft jersey fabric, and subtle vintage vibe make this feminine dress a winner for the warm, nurturing Cancer woman or any woman looking for an easy-to-wear, flattering dress.

I love the pretty sea glass color; it’s the perfect shade for spring. A neutral bag, shoe, and earrings keep the overall look elegant and refined.


Aren’t these Cancer choices lovely? Would you wear them?

And if you’re wondering about how to dress for your zodiac sign, type your character in the search bar or click here and scroll to the bottom for a list of all the signs.

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7 thoughts on “How to Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Cancer

  1. When I first read this, I was flabbergasted I was wearing this vintage floral orange dress, and I have a lot, basically my whole closet of vintage clothes, and I have my nails done; plus, I am a professional swimmer, and I have my swimming pool. I thought that my room was full of tiny cameras that could see me cause these were all true about me ????????????????

  2. I agree with all these, apart from liking blue and green shades, but that’s an opinion, not facts; I am cancer ♋️ but I can also be a Leo ♌️ because I was born right in the middle, but it depends on what time I was born, I love astrology it’s so interesting when I say I love astrology my friends always think I’m talking about astronauts lol and I love your work xx ????

  3. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Spot on !! And, you don’t even know me. I liked reading about myself. From the personality to the style…….(not sure about the sea glass color)

  4. I was surprised that the color and style were spots on for me. My favorite colors are those of the oceans and seas, and Classic is my style. Fun.

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