How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Gemini Outfits for the Gemini Woman

Illustration of gemini zodiac sign as a two beautiful girlsThe Gemini woman, born between May 21st – June 21st, is next in my How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign series. Sometimes described as two (or three or four) women rolled into one, she is a mix of interesting personalities and impossible to pigeon-hole. To put it another way, she is as ‘easy’ to pin down as a cloud.

Gemini women are clever and curious and possess the enviable ability to talk about anything and everything. They’re as interested in politics and science as they are in the latest celebrity gossip. Because of her quick mind, the Gemini woman is easily bored and needs constant change and new ideas.

Intelligent, charming, eloquent, and calm, the Gemini woman’s naturally positive attitude draws in everyone she comes in contact with.

Famous Gemini Women Over 40

Famous Gemini women over 40

Elizabeth Hurley, Courteney Cox, Brooke Shields, Joan Collins

Gemini Style

  • Eclectic taste, occasionally leaning toward funky and eccentric
  • Drawn to yellow, orange, and magenta
  • Youthful
  • Instead of following the rules when it comes to style, you make your own


What to wear for your zodiac sign Gemini



Casual Gemini

A Gemini’s inquisitive mind and charm keep her youthful, which should reflect how she dresses. Remember, though, that when you’re over 40, dressing youthful isn’t always the same as dressing young. Jeans and a t-shirt or sweater are an easy and youthful recipe formula. If in doubt, step away from jeans with too many rips and whiskers and opt for a clean or slightly distressed pair in a medium to dark wash. Add a sunny yellow sweater to match your bright personality, on-trend booties, and a hip bag, and you’re ready for anything a casual day brings.


How to dress if you're a Gemini



Dressy Gemini

This fashion-forward ruffle midi skirt may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love how this outfit showcases the Gemini woman’s multi-faceted personality. The fun and funky dress appeal to the Gemini’s love of color and sometimes eccentric style choices. It would be great to bring on a cruise, to a resort vacation, or for an evening out on a hot summer night. Add a top in a classic silhouette with tried-and-true striped and a bit of sparkle, and this outfit embodies the Gemini woman’s signature style and love for mixing things up.

What do you think? Are you a Gemini, or do you know some Gemini women? Would you/they wear either of these outfits?

And if you’re wondering about how to dress for your zodiac sign, type your character in the search bar or click here and scroll to the bottom for a list of all the signs.

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6 thoughts on “How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Gemini Outfits for the Gemini Woman

  1. As a proud Gemini, I think you nailed the “Gemini” look. I love the yellow sweater, and you also captured a thought I sometimes have when I’m headed out and want something a bit more than a simple t-shirt…although t-shirts have their place. As for the other … I love it…but being the 5′ curvy woman …ruffles are not my friend, although the colors are unique. Perhaps as a suggestion…post two options just for different perspectives for each look, one for a taller, slimmer woman and one for the shorter curvier … just a thought. Regardless, I (or should I say “we” to cover my many Gemini personalities) love the post.

    1. Hi Suzanne, Great suggestion, and we will try that next round. Thanks for taking the time to drop by Gemini, and I’m glad you loved the yellow. Yellow is going to be big this spring!

  2. I am a “flamboyant natural” Gemini – I love the first look. It would be a great casual outfit for weekend activities like going to the farmers market or a coffee shop date. The glam look is fun but too glitzy for my tastes – maybe it works better on someone with more dramatic skin/hair coloring. (I am soft autumn going gray, so it is too high contrast and bright.) I would try the styling combination in my colors – teal tones with some texture would be gorgeous, paired with rose gold accessories. I like the openness of the shoe, but I need to wear a shorter heel height. Fun, eclectic ideas to play with – thank you!

    1. Hi PDXmaja, Another Gemini. How fun! Yes, the point of that pink one is to show how creative Geminis can be. You can almost see two different people from the top to the bottom of that outfit! I agree that the yellow sweater is gorgeous and one of Gemini’s favorite colors! Glad you are finding the series entertaining!

  3. I love this article. I am a Gemini and would wear the casual outfit, I would love to be able to wear the dressy outfit, but alas, I haven’t got the figure. I will try the colors you suggested. I have enjoyed all your blogs immensely.

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