Casual Fashion for Women Over 40

When you think of Casual Fashion for Women over 40 what comes to mind? For many it’s a pair of good old blue jeans. But what do you wear with jeans to look classy yet casual over 40? Here’s a classic style recipe.

Casual Dressing Over 40 - Jeans

Jeans + Pretty Top+ Jacket + Flats + Great Bag + Cool Jewelry = FAB CASUAL LOOK!


  • a dark wash is classier than faded  and more slimming too
  • bootcut  look fab on any body type
  • medium rise covers jelly belly
  • make sure your jeans have stretch to them to make them fit well and look modern

Pretty Top

  • Go for tops with some detail to show personality such as a ruffle, zipper, interesting pattern
  • V-neck or scoop neck is most flattering and will make your neck look long and lean and your body slim
  • Best length is top that ends below the hipbone or longer
  • Tops with some stretch fall nicely and show off your shape by following your curves


  • A one button is modern or a zipper is extra sporty
  • Make sure it nips in at the waist
  • Look for classic lines and  a good cut with strong shoulders that help give your softer 40+ body structure
  • A neutral color jacket like camel, black, navy, gray or white ( if you live in a hot place) is most versatile and will go with everything


  • Flats take you everywhere day and evening.
  • Pointy toe flats are more dressy than a rounded toe.
  • Ballet Flat or smoking slippers are the two hot flat shoes that work really well with jeans
  • If you are not sure what color to buy black is always a good choice. Metallics are also considered neutrals and go well with jeans.

Great Bag

  • Buy real leather- good quality – It shows!
  • If you can only afford one purse make it a neutral color
  • Structured Bags – a square or rectangular purses give off a more elegant vibe while soft, slouchy purses are more relaxed and fun.

Cool Jewelry

  • Buy yourself some big statement jewelry that expresses your personality
  • Gold works best for women with warm tones and silver works best for women with cool tones
  • Don’t forget to wear jewelry even when you are dressed casually. It finishes off your look and is the difference between average and awesome.

Most important of all Be confident and have fun. You can do this.


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