Finding Your Signature Style Over 40

Feeling out of touch with who you are are this stage of your life and how to dress. We have help with a guest post from Image Consultant Ginger Burr.ginger burr

Do you find yourself looking at women in their 20’s and thinking how can they look so at ease in their skin?  Of course, we simply dismiss it as a benefit of being young with firm skin and no worry lines or shifting body parts.   And, then we wonder what happened to us!  Sure, your body will change, and yes, styles will change, but if you take one step at a time and celebrate each change that makes you feel good you will get there.

Hold It Right There!  The first step is awareness.  Fully allow the realization to surface that you aren’t happy with your wardrobe right now.  Don’t wallow in it but fess up and take responsibility.  Agree that you will no longer support this habit that isn’t serving you.  Every woman, no matter her age, weight, height, coloring, or special traits can look fabulous.  You are no exception.

Finding Your Signature Style Over 40
Finding Your Signature Style Over 40


Go Beyond Comfort. I’m not saying sacrifice comfort.  I’m saying allow for other aspects of your ideal wardrobe to be present along with comfort.  Yes, you can wear a dress that is comfortable AND it can be beautiful and reflect who you are.  Comfort and personal beauty are not mutually exclusive.

Be Yourself:  I’m talking about who you are at a gut level (not whether you’re an entrepreneur, mother, wife or speed skater).  Are you radiant, down-to-earth, quirky, fun, bold, gentle, spunky, elegant, unconventional or ________?  How have you changed, grown and evolved from when you were in your 20’s?  What positive words would you use to describe yourself now?  These traits MUST be reflected in your wardrobe or you’ll never feel fully satisfied.

Start Small:  You don’t want to scare yourself by completely overhauling your style overnight.  It probably took you years to get in a style rut so give yourself a break and start small.  If you’ve been wearing mostly neutrals, add a new color in a top, scarf or pair of shoes.  Don’t buy an entire outfit in shocking pink if you usually wear all black!  Get a great new hairstyle or hair color to reflect the image you want to project.  Hint: If you do that, you might find you need to make another change fairly soon to keep up with your new fabulous do!  Or maybe buy a handbag in a color you’ve been admiring and use it every day for a week.  See what happens!

Let The Universe Inspire You.  Okay, so it sounds a little woo-woo, but I’ve seen it work time after time.  Spend 5 minutes a day visualizing yourself wearing clothes that make your heart sing.  Here’s the key – you don’t have to see a specific outfit.  It’s more the feeling that that outfit elicits that you’re going for.  Imagine looking in the mirror and saying to yourself, “Wow, I look amazing!”  (If amazing is too big a word to start, choose one that feels doable to you right now – maybe, pretty or darned good or even so much better.)  The universe will say hey, she wants more of that and that’s what you’ll get – perhaps in small doses and surprising ways, but you’ll get it.

Finally, buy it and wear it only if you love it.  This step combined with those above will move you into a signature style faster than you can imagine!

Ginger Burr – — Find a style that reflects who you are from the inside out.

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3 thoughts on “Finding Your Signature Style Over 40

  1. What happens if you can’t find any outfit you LOVE anymore?

    Almost 50 and Desperately need fashion help

    1. Hi Diane, This is what I hear from so many of my readers…and why I started FAF!! Have some fun and get some ideas by poking around our site. For more in-depth tips you might want to check out a few of my e-books. ! Welcome to my group of FAB ladies, your life is going to get fun now!!!

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