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Can I Wear Hose With Capris or Bermuda Shorts?

Dear Deborah,

I am 52 and have a black pair of capris I bought for work. Since it is spring and my legs are still pale, is it ok to wear a hose with the capris?  What about hose with Bermuda shorts? Teresa

Hi Teresa,

Capris or any shorts should not be worn with hosiery. Yes some teens wear opaque hose with short shorts, but that is a junior trend that is meant to shock.

Wearing nylons or hose with capris or Bermuda shorts defeats the whole purpose of these clothes: to stay cool and show off your legs.


Since they are casual and made for warm weather they look right with bare legs.

Adding hose will is like will definitely make you look frumpy and age you.

Why not try some self-tanner instead?


There is possibly one exception to all of this. The odd time you come across a dressy capris. In this case, you might be able to get away with a very sheer hose and a closed-toe pump or wedge. Even a flat closed-toe shoe is excellent. It’s hard to pull off, though. You are better off waiting for warmer weather and getting a bit of color on your legs.

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21 thoughts on “Can I Wear Hose With Capris or Bermuda Shorts?

  1. Sheer or not, sheer compression hose and slim leg capris look vintage street fashion with brogues, loafers, or closed-toe huaraches. It can be done, and it’s for your legs’ Health. Break the rules and be healthy. And no, hose with sandals do not make you look old. Fashionistas have brainwashed many. There are many styles of compression socks available. From fish Sexnet look to sheer thigh highs and toeless. How do I know? I have them. Sexism and ageism have no place in our world.

  2. I need to wear sheer compression knee-highs with Capris. Think 1920 knickerbockers with socks updated for the 21 st century.

  3. If I don’t wear some protection to protect my feet from becoming very uncomfortable, what do you suggest with a pair of cropped pants? I’m also 69 years old, so old white legs look terrible. What would you offer?

    1. Hi Jo, I wouldn’t suggest any hose with capris. It just doesn’t look right, and it would probably be hot too. If you have to wear something on your feet, what about sockets that sit below the shoe line, so you don’t see them? Wear them with a pair of cute statement sneakers. As for your white legs, I have the same problem. I would recommend Jeurgens natural glow. It’s not a heavy self-tanner. It’s more of a moisturizer with a bit of color that gives you light. I use it, and it is fantastic. You only need to apply it two times 24 hours apart, and your legs look great. I put it on before I go to bed. It’s very subtle, but it works. Here is the link for the fair one: Once you try this, please join my private Facebook group and post a photo. I’d love to see the result. The link for the group is here: Cheers, Deb

  4. I wear capri pants and hose all the time. The capris keep my hips and thighs looking pleasant, and my married-hosed feet and toes get lots of attention with a lovely pair of mules.

    1. Mules sound great. I will try those.

      I have a similar experience with capris and sheer pantyhose. When I am out in public wearing sheer hose with my capris, I get lots of attention which I like. Sometimes, I get approached and asked out for a date which is flattering and makes me feel pretty. My hubby doesn’t like it much when that happens, but I still like it.

  5. I just purchased a can of Neutrogena sprays on tan. It looked great and gave me a nice even glow—the best $12. I have ever spent! It takes about 3-4 hours to show, but you will love it. It didn’t rub off on my clothes, either. Supposedly, it will last for a few weeks. I give myself a quick refresher spray every other day or so. Highly recommend!

  6. Thank you! It’s midsummer in Texas, and I am experimenting with knee-highs and foot covers with capris and skirts. I haven’t considered leg makeup because that does not eliminate heel-rubbing and air-conditioning chill. Fortunately, my lifestyle is casual; sneakers and socks work for most occasions.

    I think Christopher means Very Pale Legs, which I have. Don’t dare sunbathe, bruise easily, have been teased “turn them off LAIGS!” when wearing red shorts.

  7. I’ve got to disagree on the shorts issue.

    I don’t like them on more mature women at all. Most of the cuts are not flattering (okay, I’ll go out on a limb here and say I’ve yet to see an amount that *is* flattering), and they make anyone who has not got perfect, slim, tanned legs look dumpy and passe.

    They spell fashion disaster to me. I’d much rather see women above 25 (not just above 40) in skirts or light pants than shorts.

    For the record, I think they also look awful on men above 25. It’s not just a gender thing.

    Just my 2c.

  8. Last year I kept hearing it was out of vogue to wear pantyhose when you wear an open-toe shoe.

    I tried spray tans, and they worked pretty well, but I found the underwire on my bra rubbed, and my spray tan stained my bra. I tried leg makeup. I found to get it on evenly, I felt it was sprayed on thicker than I wanted, and again, the “tan” came off a bit on the bottom of my dress. I think overall, though, it was a better result than the spray tan.

    In 4 weeks, I am getting married again and am wearing a cocktail-length dress and peep toe shoes. I found sandal foot pantyhose and a type that fits between your toes, leaving the toes exposed (not sure how comfy this will be?) I am still considering the spray tan, but I think I would wash off my bra area before it “sets” so it will not rub off on my bra.

    Which of these four options do you recommend? I feel a bit pasty white, but I’m okay with it, except on my legs.

    1. Hi Debbie, You can wear a sheer stocking with a peep toe. Just make sure the hose isn’t reinforced at the toe. We think the toe cut-out stocking will show too much color/texture difference. Donna Karan makes a tremendous nude stocking.

  9. I wear capris in black, white, and khaki as I prefer these or dresses to shorts. However, I would never wear them with a hose. I get just a little sun on my legs or choose to use a self-tanning lotion instead.

  10. I am still with a woman’s right to choose to wear on her legs what she is most comfortable wearing, and if she is more comfortable wearing hosiery…well then.

    Now VPL, that’s another story.

  11. I wouldn’t wear hose or heels with capris or shorts. Rub some self-tanner on your pale legs if you’re uncomfortable with your coloring.

  12. I’m in total agreement with @Lavender Dreams! The short answer: No! The truth is, no one wears sheer hose anymore unless they’re over 75, with the possible exception of Duchess Kate (nee Middleton). And the Queen has the power to say, “Off with her head!” if she doesn’t. But I doubt you have a Queen with that kind of power in your life. So, invest in a perfect self-tanner (i.e., Clarins, Jergens Natural Glow, etc.) and wear your Bermudas and capris as they are meant to be worn, hoseless!

  13. I had a quick answer when I saw this title…and it would be NO! Sit outside and get a little sun on your legs but wearing a hose with capris looks very ‘old’…if you know what I mean. I live in Florida, so we wear shorts and capris year round, and nothing looks worse than seeing someone wearing them with a hose. Wear your long slacks until you get some tan on your legs! lol

    1. It is not always a matter of “leg color.” Some people need to wear stockings because of blood clots, and Some businesses do not allow “bare legs” in an office setting… So by all of your comments, you believe I should be out of luck in dressing in newer and stylish “cropped trousers.”

  14. Capri pants are really not an attractive option for most women because they hit right at the widest part of the calf. Ankle pants that aren’t too wide are pretty for summer. If you’re wide in the hips, just wear a tunic style top to cover up. Audrey Hepburn and Jackie always looked so amazing in ankle pants, but they never rocked the capri look. If staying cool is the objective, a skirt or dress is probably the best option.

    1. You are so right, Ellen. I much prefer tapered ankle length. They are chic compared to capris which can look frumpy, especially if you have heavy or pasty white legs. And God Forbid you to wear Capris with running shoes!

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