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Chic At Any Age? Yes, Really!

Women of a certain age are a growing demographic. Josephine Lalwan is out to prove they are also one chic bunch! Josephine is the creator of  Chic at Any Age, a popular blog that helps give mature women confidence in the way they present themselves.


With a background in fashion PR and image consulting, Josephine is natural to reporting on style. The 64-year-old fashionista travels between London and St. Tropez blogging about the latest trends and showcasing her timeless style.

I recently had a chance to chat with Josephine and learn more about this Fabulous After Styleblazer.

Deborah BolandDeb: You help women be chic at any age. What’s your definition of chic?

Josephine: A sense of elegance, style, and taste however that might be expressed by the individual. Balance and proportion are important elements that contribute to Chic.



Deb: How would you describe the elements of your style? What’s important to you and why?

Josephine: I feel that style is very individual. For me, it means simplicity and harmony. Combining items that work together to create a visually pleasing aesthetic.


Deb: What trends do you love right now?

Josephine: I currently love sleeveless coats and waistcoats. They add structure and are useful for in-between seasons. Also, the trend for wearing trainers in town is very good for the comfort factor.


Deb: Thoughts on age-appropriate dressing?

Josephine: I think it is more about attitude and personality. There are certain “looks” that would not have suited me at any age due to my body shape.  Having said that our bodies do change as we get older and showing less flesh can assist us in looking elegant, chic, and sexy.


Deb: You live in London and St. Tropez – Does the way you dress change much from place to place?

Josephine: I find that I wear more dark neutrals and more structured clothes in London.  St. Tropez has a more relaxed “vibe” and in the summer I wear a lot of light-colored linens and cotton to keep cool.


Deb: You’re also an avid traveler. Is there a city that inspires your sense of style?

Josephine: Paris is always a great city to visit for inspiration and ideas on how to work a “chic street look”. India was a wonderful trip and an overload for the senses. Full of vibrant colors. I bought two beautiful pashminas and still love to wear them ten years later.


Deb: Any advice on what to pack when traveling?

Josephine: Stick to one neutral color and then add one or two flattering accent colors for tops and scarves. Comfortable shoes are essential wherever you are traveling to. Costume jewelry takes up very little space in a case and can transform an outfit from day to evening.


Deb: As I browse your blog, I notice lots of royal blues. Why are you drawn to this color? 

Josephine: Blue has always been a color that suits me. I am also finding that as I get older a bright color is more flattering and seems to give my face a lift. So royal blue fits both these categories, and as it is a current fashion color, it is easy to find in good styles this season.



Deb: Do you have a go-to outfit -one that makes you look and feel great? 

Josephine: I would say that an outfit that always seems to work for me is a pair of black or navy straight-leg trousers, teamed with an off-white shirt or T-shirt and waisted jacket plus a bright color scarf or piece of jewelry to reflect a flattering light onto my face.


Deb: You’re what they call a silver fox – Tell us about your decision to go gray. Was it easy/difficult and did it change the colors/styles you like to wear?

Josephine: Going Grey did not seem to be a one-off decision, more a slow progression. I have had peroxide highlights for many years now. When I noticed grey streaks appearing at my temples, I left them alone and now just have a few highlights to lift the top and back of my hair.


Deb: Have you ever found yourself stuck in a style rut? If so, how have you gotten yourself out of it?

Josephine: I think some years ago I was wearing too much black. I slowly phased it out and started being more adventurous and adding more color to my wardrobe.


Deb: Do you have any beauty tips you can offer women over 40 that will transform their look?

Josephine: The best advice I can give is to protect your skin from the sun by wearing SPF50 all year round. A good under-eye concealer is important, and a touch of highlighter on the top of the cheekbones and the outer corner of the brow bone can lift the eye.



Deb: What advice would you give to women so that they can be “chic at any age?”

Josephine: Wear what suits and flatters your body shape and coloring. Clothes that fit well are crucial, find a good alterations person if necessary. Continue to enjoy fashion and adapt the trends to your signature look and lifestyle.


Deb: Anything else to add?

Josephine: Continue to learn, evolve and enjoy life. A smile is the best beauty aid I know.

Deb:  Thanks so much Josephine for sharing your style with us. You are Fabulous!! Ladies, be sure to visit Josephine at her blog, Chic At Any Age.

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3 thoughts on “Chic At Any Age? Yes, Really!

  1. Hats add an elegant look and dress up an outfit. Combining a hat with good sunscreen also protects our skin from sun damage.

  2. I’ve been a fan of polka dots and have several tops. Pairing polka dots with solids gives a classy look. Polka dots look happy, and that’s why I like them. We’re never too old to wear polka dots.

  3. Kudos for rockin’ the hats. He also has a knack for choosing some great coats/jackets. That blue wrap dress is a killer on her. I wouldn’t mind stealing the polka dog dress from her closet.

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