Classy, Casual Holiday Party Outfits

Knowing what to wear to a casual holiday party is often trickier than knowing what to wear to a formal one.  What do you wear that’s relaxed, but holiday festive too? If you’re planning to drop by a neighbor’s open house,  attend a cookie exchange, or invite some friends over for some afternoon Christmas cheer, here are five suggestions for upscale-casual holiday party outfits.


Holiday Party - Red Blouse

A silky blouse is an easy way to up the glamour during the holidays, and this one dials up your style even more.  This pretty Christmas red blouse looks festive with black pants and lights up your style this holiday season. Add some heels and a bit of bling, and you are party-ready. Nice blouse for Valentine’s Day too!

1.   Wow Them with a Jewel-Toned Blouse


Casual Holiday Party Looks - Red velvet Pants, floral blouse

2. Look Vibrant in Velvet

Velvet is always a beautiful way to create a gorgeous holiday outfit anywhere you live. These luxurious velvet jeans and a pretty floral blouse give off a romantic holiday look. Gold slides with a cute bow add a merry touch.


Casual Holiday Party Attire - Green Sheer Sparkle Top, jeans

3. Wear Something Sparkly

Any top with some razzle-dazzle will magically transform a pair of jeans. This flowy sequence top will make you look like a holiday angel.  Finish off this outfit with dressy pumps and some glam earrings, and You’re ready for a glass of wine.


Casual Holiday Party Outfit l Leopard Metallic Sweater Dress , riding boots l styled by Fabulous after 40

4.   Cuddle Up in a Cozy Sweater Dress

No fancy cocktail dress is required for a casual Christmas get-together, but you can still look pretty and feminine in a cute knit sweater dress. A sweater dress with semi-opaque or opaque black tights and tall boots equals the three C’s: Casual, Classy, Cozy.



Casual Holiday Party Outfit l Striped Blouse, black jeans l styled by Fabulous After 40

5. Deck the Halls in a Festive Holiday Print

Gaudy Christmas-themed sweaters with Rudolph and Santa seem tacky and out of date, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget about festive holiday prints altogether.  Instead, opt for something more modern and sophisticated like this cute, striped blouse with the gift wrap ribbon vibe. This top is perfect for the holidays, but it’s not so over-the-top that you’re limited to wearing it just at Christmas.


Casual Holiday Party Outfit- Green BLouse, black pants


6. Don the Colors of the Season – Christmas Tree Green

Nothing says Ho Ho Ho! more than red and green, the colors of Christmas. Wearing a red or green sweater, dress, or blouse like this is one of the simplest ways to get your festive on.   This is a great look for an open house or a casual gift exchange.


Casual Holiday Outfit l Monochromatic white top, jeans, lace jacket l styled by Fabulous after 40

When friends get together at a neighborhood party for a little Christmas cheer,  how about celebrating in this chic-tiered lace top? This glam lace jacket dresses up even the most casual jeans. Add a glitter clutch and some sexy high heels for an elegant monochromatic holiday party look.

7.  Luxurious in Lace


Casual Holiday Party outfit- Velvet Tie Top, jeans

8.  Tuxedo Style

A dress, a pair of pants, or a top with a formal tuxedo style will instantly make your outfit command attention. This beautiful velvet wrap top looks great with black pants, but it also does wonders to dress up a pair of jeans too. Add some evening flats, and you’re ready for the wine and cheese!


Holiday Work Part - Black Sweater Dress

9. Classic Black Sweater Dress

When in doubt, wear a little black dress and this time of year a sweater dress is perfect. Add a pair of sexy booties and a nice bag, and you will look elegant and understated.

What will you be wearing to casual get-togethers this holiday season?

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12 thoughts on “Classy, Casual Holiday Party Outfits

  1. Hi ladies I know it’s a weird question but what should I wear for a New Year ‘s Eve party at a family member’s home where I’m not allowed to use shoes? I feel completely naked and embarrassed .
    Thank you very much!!

    1. Hi Leticia, Is it because they are afraid of you tracking in the dirt? What about a new pair of shoes that have not been worn outside, or shoes where you’ve washed the soles? If not, I would wear just a pair of slip-on ballet-style slippers. It’s their house, so it is only polite to respect their wishes. Have fun.

      1. Hi Happy Holidays!

        Remember softie socks in your bag , pull on whether you’re wearing tights, leggings or dressy pants.
        Works be happy with yourself!

  2. Love these outfits, especially the tops and flats. My only negative comment is let’s dump the jeans for the holidays. Some nice black slacks say “class”.

  3. I think these looks would work well even if the invitation didn’t say how to dress. These looks are all classy and look comfy. They’d fit in anywhere. Just wish I’d seen this in time to shop for tonight’s party!

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