Colleen Rothschild Beauty- My Over 50 Maintenance Routine

There’s a lot of maintenance involved in looking good at 40, 50, and beyond (Lol!), so I like to keep things simple. I’m a fan of beautiful, high-quality products that aren’t complicated to use, and that really work. Colleen Rothschild is an example of high-quality, effective skincare products without being incredibly expensive.

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Colleen Rothchild Beauty Products

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been impressed with Colleen Rothschild Beauty. I wrote about their Radiant Cleansing Balm a while back, which I just love, and since then, I have tested a few more products.

Colleen Rothchild Beauty

Here’s what I’m loving! My hair has gotten drier and a little frizzy in the last few years, so I like to condition it deep every week to keep it looking soft and smooth. I’ve been using Colleen Rothschild’s Quench and Shine Deep Conditioner, and it’s working well for me.

Colleen Rothchild Quench and Shine

It’s beautifully rich, but it doesn’t leave my hair greasy. I love the special pink shower hairbrush that comes along with it. It instantly detangles my hair in the shower and does a great job working the conditioner through.

Colleen Rothchild Retinol

My skin has been looking really smooth lately thanks to their Retinol Supreme Night Oil. I’ve used different types of retinol in the past, but this one with the oil base glides on much better than most and feels gentler. I put this on before I go to bed and wake up with silky smooth skin.

This retinol oil contains nine plant-based oils that replenish moisture and help prevent irritation and flaking. I love the use of botanicals in all the Colleen Rothschild products.

Colleen Rothchild Almond Scrub

I’ve never been one much for shower body scrubs, but I received a sample of Colleen Rothschild’s Honey Vanilla Body Scrub. Not only does it smell delicious, but it’s a good scrub – not overly aggressive but good for body exfoliation.

If you aren’t using a toner, now is your chance to add one to your beauty routine at a discount. The Matcha Tea Treatment Toner detoxifies, protects, absorbs excess oil, and minimizes the look of pores. This is a great treatment if you are prone to pesky midlife breakouts as it helps fight bacteria and minimize redness.

The last product I want to talk about I couldn’t take a shot of. That’s because my jar went missing! My daughter borrowed my Pommegante and AHA Resurfacing Mask (it’s as beautiful and juicy looking at it sounds), and I never got it back. It seems like we both love this one, which contains a cocktail of fruit enzymes to help gently loosen and exfoliate dull skin and give you a glow.

Be sure to check out the full range of Colleen Rothschild Beauty products on the web site.

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4 thoughts on “Colleen Rothschild Beauty- My Over 50 Maintenance Routine

    1. Hi Julie, I’ve been using the Coleen Rothschild Radiant cleansing balm at night, which I love, and then applying the Retinol Supreme Night Oil. I follow that with Extreme Recovery Cream. By Day I use the Age Renewal Super Serum, followed by the Extreme Recovery Cream and the Complete Eye Cream. About five days a week, I also use vitamin C by Day for brightening. I like to exfoliate every few days, and I’m enjoying the Pomegranate Resurfacing mask. I also just started using the Quench and Shine Restorative Mask for my hair and find it suitable. I find all of Colleen’s products excellent and smell great. I hope that helps! Cheers, Deb

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