What to Wear with a Colorful Plaid Blazer: 3 Ideas!

Plaid blazers couldn’t be more classic, but the latest ones are brighter and more colorful than we’re used to. It’s got many wondering, what do you wear with it? Here’s a cute Talbots jacket I just picked up in some very playful colors and three ways I styled it.


1. Look # 1 – Traditional – Toned Down

If you are not used to wearing a lot of color, then the easiest way to style a colorful plaid blazer is to tone it down with a darker, classic color worn underneath. My plaid jacket is a combination of dusty brights: dusty green, blue, orange, and purple, so to quiet down this unusual mix and make the outfit look a little more conservative, I’m wearing a dark rust sweater. (similar)

The rust isn’t a complete match to the orange. That would be pretty bright, but it is close enough and works. I’ve also added rust brown booties to ground the look. Suede is the perfect texture to complement this Shetland tweed.

Style Tip: solid dark top + colorful pattern blazer  = Toned Down.

2. Creative and Fun – Get Creative and Have to Fun Mix Colorful Prints

For every gal I’ve ever met who likes a conservative look, there is always another who is just the opposite and likes a very creative look. How creative can you get with a plaid jacket- very! All you need to do is mix prints. I mixed checks with a busy Fair Isle pattern sweater, and it works.

This kind of mixing can seem intimidating to some, but you need to remember to keep the colors similar and mix different sizes of prints. All the colors in the jacket match the colors in the sweater, and the print in the jacket ( checks) is tiny, while the print in the sweater is much larger. Keep these two things in mind when you go to pattern mix, and you will have no problem. Tip: Colorful pattern top + colorful pattern blazer = creative and fun.



3. Mostly Modern

The third way I am styling this jacket I call, mostly modern. What’s that? It’s this classic check jacket in these fresh, new colors with of these new colors worn underneath.  I could have worn blue or purple or orange since all these colors are in the jacket, but I liked the green since it suited my coloring. This look is between toned down and creative. It’s a little fashion-forward so mostly modern.


Here’s this sweater without the blazer. It’s a bright green cashmere V-neck from Nordstrom, and it comes in some other pretty colors too. Remember:  Solid bright top + colorful pattern blazer = mostly modern

Notice that the only thing I changed about all of these looks was the top, and the result is three different looks with 3 different vibes. Are you Traditional-Toned Down, Creative & Fun, or Mostly Modern? Maybe all three depending on your mood? I’d love to know. This beautiful jacket is a great wardrobe find, and it’s on sale right now at Talbots, so check it out!

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