Cute NIC+ZOE Tops at Nordstrom

I’m back with more about NIC+ZOE, a fabulous brand carried by Nordstrom that I wrote about a few days ago. This time, I want to talk tops!



You may think I lead a glamorous life as a blogger going to cocktail parties and endless fashion shows. In reality, I’m just a regular mom who works from home, enjoys going to movies with my husband, having friends over for dinner, shopping, and attending my kid’s school plays and special events.



A lot of the time I’m in pants, but I always like to look nice, so tops are important to me. NIC+ZOE is a brand I’ve discovered that is sold at Nordstrom that has some really cute tops. They’re colorful and a little trendy, but also classy looking.


For example, I’m not a boho type, but occasionally I enjoy a touch of the 70’s look. Here’s a NIC+ZOE Prismatic print tunic  I bought at Nordstrom that has a laid-back vibe but still looks sophisticated. I’ve paired it with a pair of white ankle jeans, so it really pops.

taupe suede sandals

Since the pants are cropped at the ankle, I went with these modern, chunky studded suede sandals. That neutral stone color ties in so well with the top.

Deborah Bolandl boho top

This is the kind of outfit I can wear anywhere. It’s perfect for my casual 40+ lifestyle.

This Prismatic tunic would also look work with slightly dressier pants like NIC+ZOE’s Wonder stretch slim leg pants in a color called mushroom. These pants have a wide, slimming waistband that holds in your tummy, but doesn’t make you look like you are wearing old lady pants.

Deborah Boland Nic + Zoe Cardigan


Here’s another idea for what to wear with white jeans. Nic+ Zoe makes some beautiful knits.  I like this  cardigan because it is so lightweight that you barely feel like you have it on. It’s perfect for spring and summer when you’re chilly, but don’t want to wear a heavy jacket.

I’ve paired my cardigan with a Tank top. Yes, that is the actual name of the tank, and it really is perfect. You know how some stretchy tank tops are so tight they show everything? This one is stretchy, but it doesn’t cling.

I chose a coral tank, but a white tank would also look nice. The all-white would make a beautiful backdrop for the cardigan’s colorful, artsy pattern.

Deborah Boland - Coral Nic + Zoe Cardigan

The other great thing I like about NIC+ZOE  is there’s lots of choice within a collection. Everything coordinates, which I love because I’m busy, and I don’t have time to shop for hours for a perfect match to something I’ve bought. When you can buy items that mix and match,  it saves you so much time and money and lets you play with slightly different looks.

Deborah Boland - Nic + Zoe outfit


Be sure to check out NIC+ZOEat Nordstrom and see the complete line. (They even have plus size).

Did you see the NIC+ZOE dress I wore the other day?  Don’t miss that too!

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Photos by: Adam Charette, Cornernet Photography

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  1. Deborah, I love these outfits, so pretty. Would you tell us sometime about your hair, what products you use and how you style it etc.?

  2. Great post! The outfits look so good on you. I passed it along to my sister in Arlington. Thanks!

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