How to Style Wide Leg Corduroy Pants

Go wide or go home seems to be the message this fall. Today, I’m sharing a fabulous new pair of wide-leg corduroy pants that feel fresh, new, and different from what we have been used to. Check out these fun pants that are super modern and cool!

brown wide leg cords, brown sleeveles sweater

The Trendy Silhouette

I was cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago, getting ready for fall, and trying to decide what to do with my skinny jeans. Although we’ve been hearing that skinny jeans are very much on the back burner now, I was hesitant to tuck them away for good. Then I was out shopping at Anthropologie and saw these pants, and everything changed!

woman over 50 wearing brown corduroy pants

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wide-leg pants, sweater, booties, earrings, cuff

A Different Feel to Today’s Cords

These fabulous Fall corduroy pants are as wide as wide can be. Once I slipped them on, every other kind of pant felt suddenly outdated! I love this change of style. These cute, stretchy cords fit snugly through the hips and flare out super wide like sailor pants. The patch pockets are darling, and wearing these pants feels fabulous and fun! If any had told me that I’d be wearing the same pants in 2023, that I wore in the 70’s, I’d laugh. But they are sort of similar except for one major thing …S-T-R-E-C-H!

All the latest cords have plenty of it and it makes them easy to wear and super comfy!


woman over 50 wearing brown mock neck sweater, brown corduroy pants

New Ways to Style Cords

Another difference is how we’re styling them now. One popular look is to pair wide-leg cords with a mock turtleneck. I picked up this luxurious-looking brown cashmere mock neck, which looks rich with rusty brown cords.

brown corduroy pants, brown short sleeve sweater

I’ve always loved a mock neck because it looks minimalistic and modern. It’s more flattering on gals our age because it doesn’t sit high under the neck and swallow you up or push up loose skin on aging necks. The other things I really love about this top is the bold shoulder. Even though it’s a sleeveless sweater, it still gives you a broad look across the top that narrows in like a V to your waist and is so flattering.

This is a causally elegant-looking outfit, so I chose jewelry to match. I’m wearing the Forme collection from my favorite jewelry designer, Dean Davidson. The brushed gold swirl cuff and gold drop earrings are classically French, inspired by Dean’s trip to Paris. I love them because they are sophisticated, understated, and modern.

Deborah Boland from fabulous after 40 wearing bown corduroy pants and a brown sweater carrying flowers

These cute chocolate brown booties are perfect when you are trying to create an elegant monochromatic look like I am. They’re from Amazon – The Drop ( the influencer inpspired line by Amazon) and they are a really good buy!

You need a bit of a heel with wide-leg pants like this, and these are not too high but high enough to make the pants look sleek. The pointy toe also helps give that elegant, long, lean look.

Deborah Boland modeling rust corduroy pants with brown sweater

Will you try the New Wide Leg Corduroy Pants?

So why not try something new? Hang up your skinnies and go wide this fall. These pants jolted me back to life after a long, lazy summer, and I can’t wait to try them out with some other cute toppers like blouses, shirts, and jackets. To shop this look, just click the links below.

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9 thoughts on “How to Style Wide Leg Corduroy Pants

  1. Great post; thank you so much for this excellent writeup article about how to wear Style Wide Leg Corduroy Pants; I just learned some new ways from you.

  2. Great look, Deborah! I have some boot-cut cords from maybe two decades ago (Jones New York) that I love to wear. I’m looking forward to trying more styles this fall.

  3. I, too, am over the ripped and torn look in clothing. Thankfully, many designers are as well. Don’t get rid of your skinny jeans, though. Despite the current trend in wider legs, they’ll be around for a long time. I think there is room for both in our closets.

    1. HI JL, I agree skinny jeans are classic, and I have kept a few of my favorites, but that high booties skinny jeans fitted top look has gone by the wayside. Maybe I’ll do a post on modern ways to style them!

  4. I’m kinda leary of wide-leg pants being petite. Those with patch pockets on the front would seem like they would make you have a stomach even if you don’t. I work hard at strength training at our healthplex here to build muscle, strength & and core not for vanity but for bone. My doctor recommended it when I was there last. Is there any way petites can follow this trend and get away with it, or do we have to wear 3-inch heels all day? Ha! You look great in those pants!!! You are tall enough to wear anything gracefully!

    1. Hi Bonnie, You are right. Petites can be overwhelmed by wide leg pants but you can wear them. Look for a high waist to elongate your legs, tuck in and don’t go for ultrawide. Choose a less wide, wide leg. As for flatter shoes, how about a platform running shoe or platform sandals of an inch and half or 2. Those would be comfy. Hope that helps. Cheers, Deb

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