Cute Workout Clothes That Make Exercise Painless

If you’ve set a goal in 2021 to get fit and you want to make sure you stay on track, all you may need to stay motivated is some trendy new workout wear.

Hitting the gym in style can make reaching your fitness goals a whole lot easier. Here’s a look at some cute workout clothing for women that make exercise a joy

1. On Fire!

If color has the power to affect how we feel, this lively red twist tie top should put some fuel on your fire! Pair it with tone on tone black animal print leggings for a wild workout.

A cozy, black cardigan comes in handy when you can’t be bothered changing and feel like spending the day in workout wear.

2. Blue Day

If you prefer a more low key workout look then at least try something different that basic black and white and go for a pastel color. It all starts with these cute rainbow sneakers which will put a smile on your face every time you look down.

Coordinate the blue in the laces with these cropped sky blue leggings and stretchy short sleeve top. This is a simple, clean look that feels like a fresh start!

3. Fashion Forward Houndstooth

If you like to be on the cutting edge of fashion, even workout fashion, then these houndstooth leggings are for you. This classic print is mixed with a sporty side stripe to give you a unique, fashion-forward athletic look.

Pair these will a tee or this sleek workout hoodie. Add some tone on tone sneakers to complete this chic monochromatic fitness outfit.

4. Cool Minty Green

This cool minty green top has a relaxing wellness vibe that makes working out feel easy and natural. Long sleeves are ideal for the gal who likes arm coverage. These chunky slides are perfect for slipping off when it’s time for a yoga class.

Need some help to up your workout? These cool velcro ankle weights are perfect when you want to challenge yourself. and get fit fast.


Best Stores for Women’s Workout Clothes

Here are some other great pieces to get your workouts going!


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10 thoughts on “Cute Workout Clothes That Make Exercise Painless

  1. I agree, those are really so cute for travel! Cute workout clothes always motivate me. When you get your new workout outfit you’re motivated for workout. Thanks and keep blogging.

  2. Hi Deborah,

    Thank you so much for replying to my comment and sending a link to this post.

    I love these styles. I am also in my 60’s and would definitely wear them to my classes.

    Thanks also for all the wonderful advice you give on so many other topics. It has been a source of real inspiration to me as I transition and adapt my style to my age.

  3. I’m sorry but the outfits shown in the article, I would feel comfortable wearing after I lose 20 more pounds. What about showing pics of what the rest of us can wear without feeling self conscious?

      1. I agree with Sarah and would love to see your reply to her. These styles are adorable but I’m in my 60’s and couldn’t wear them. We need help, too.

        1. I like these fitness outfits. Leggings and casual tops are the way to go as they look appropriate and stylish for all ages, follow your size. You can go through the whole day doing your thing with these casual outfits (of course, if you are employed, you would follow a dress code). I am in my 70’s and enjoy wearing casual, stylish activewear.

          1. Hi Joan,
            They really have some nice athletic clothing out these days. I saw a woman in Florida at the mall in cream and taupe colorblocked leggings and a big lightweight cashmere sweater on top that had a sporty look and she look fantastic for shopping. On her feet she had some chic looking slip-on sneakers. Casual but classy! Thanks for dropping by!

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