Dean Davidson – My Favorite Jewelry at 15% Off!

Jewelry is often overlooked when putting together an outfit. But what a difference it makes! A bit of bling can elevate an outfit and make you feel like a million bucks.

I am a big fan of Dean Davidson, a Canadian jewelry designer whose designs have been worn by everyone from Catherine Zeta-Jones to Laura Dern and  Karlie Kloss.

Dean’s jewelry is clean, modern, and elegant. Every collection has a unique and exciting theme based on Dean’s love of travel. Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Now you can shop my favorite jewelry designer, Dean Davidson & get a one-time 15% off with Code Deborah15. Take a look! Rockrose jewelry Dean Davidson

Rockrose Mini Ipanema Earrings | Rockrose Mini Plaza Ring | Rockrose Signature Hinge Twin Cuff |pink cardigan

Rockrose Collection

Say hello to Rockrose, a gorgeous pink artificial gemstone that is super feminine but a little unexpected and edgy! This pink color is stunning and made to work with all the Fall/Winter colors this season. I’ve worn Dean’s iconic Ipanema earrings in different colors and pearls many times, and I can tell you this style is one of my favorites.

The earrings come in a large or small size. I wear the small daily, but the larger size is nice for evenings or if you have a bigger bone structure. What I love about these is that you get a longer, more statement-like earring without the weight or the bulky look. Do you know how some long, dangly earrings look like huge chandeliers? These have a presence, but they don’t overpower. They’re so elegant!

Rockrose jewelry collection Dean Davidson The classy Mini Plaza cocktail ring is also one of my faves. It comes bigger, too, but I love this mini because it feels the right size to wear all the time, even to the grocery store- hah! I love my diamond wedding ring, but it feels fun and special to have a pop of color on my finger, and that chunky, square-cut stone is so chic!

The cute Twin Cuff is another elegant piece. It has a sleek shape and little touches of Rockrose at the ends. I don’t know about you, but I wear a lot of sweaters and always push up my sleeves to get a sporty look. I need a simple cuff for my forearm to fill up the space. The Twin Cuff looks upscale casual, which is exactly my style!

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    Petit Pave dean Davidson jewelry

Petit Pave Collection

Besides the Rockrose, I also wanted to show another of Dean’s iconic collections. The Petit Pave is my go-to collection because it works with everything casual and dressy. The Petite Pave collection lights up my wardrobe! Each piece is created with intricately laid and expertly laid crystal gems that are cut to flow across brushed gold silhouettes. They have just the right amount of sparkle to look chic!

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  Petite Pave Dean Davidson

Petit Pave Drop Hoop Earrings | Petit Pave Mini Beaded Bracelet | Petit Pave Mini Tube Necklace

  I’ve been wearing the necklace lately with crew and V-neck cashmere sweaters, blouses, and shirts. The earrings are some! I love the forward-facing round hoop (side hoops get lost on me), and that touch of crystal at the ear makes me feel glam in a casual way. How do you like the bracelet? petit pave collection Dean Davidson

I’m crazy over this cute gold beaded stretchy bracelet with the touch of crystal on one side. I wear it as it is, but it also looks fabulous paired with Dean’s other chain bracelets.  

Petite Pave Dean Davidson

Mix & Match Collections

And here’s the best part. One reason I adore Dean Davidson is everything mixes and matches so effortlessly. For example, here are the Rockrose Ipanema earrings with the Petite Pave bracelet and necklace. And that goes for all his jewelry. I have a jewelry box full of it, and I love to play around and come up with new combinations.

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  Dean Davidson Square Hoop Earrings

Dean Davidson Small Square Hoop Earrings  | Sweater

My New Square Hoops

I could go on and on about Dean all day because I truly am a fan, but I just wanted to show you one more pair of earrings, separate from these collections, on which I have been getting many compliments.

Check out these cool square hoops. Aren’t they beautiful? It is so fresh and modern and just the right size. They are big enough to make a statement but not so big they look kooky. And that square shape makes you look twice!

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Dean Davidson contest jewelry

Here’s one more look at that beautiful Rockrose collection. I like to mix it with the Petite Pave necklace below.


Gold Dean Davidson Initial necklaces

Initial Pendant Necklaces

I love these layering necklaces; these pretty initial pendants make it so easy. I have a D for Deborah and a B for Boland. I adjust the lengths depending on what I’m wearing. They feel really special because they are so personal.

The rectangle link chains look modern, and I appreciate that they are casual but dressy at the same time. That casual chic look suits my wardrobe perfectly! They come in large and small sizes.  

Dean Davidson initial necklaces - small- large

Here, I’ve layered the B to be longer. See how nice they look with a beautiful knit.

These make the perfect personalized gift. The initial could be the first letter of your children’s names or the initials of your first name and your husband’s first name,  whatever you like. These would also be a sweet gift for your mom, daughter, girlfriend, or sister. They look as great in jeans and a sweater as in dresses and heels!


Dean Davidson Initial Pendants


All Dean’s pieces are cast out of high-quality brass, finished in 22kt gold or rhodium, and set with custom-cut, semi-precious gemstones. The collection’s signature brushed finish – a technique learned by Dean during their time in Paris – gives each piece a timeless, luxurious quality.

Dean Davidson Snake jewelry

Mystic Eterna Collection

Dean’s Eterna collection with a snake theme was a big hit with me this year. I mainly wear gold like this Twin Spiral Statement Chain, but it’s nice to throw in some color occasionally, like with this stunning Verdant Green Eterna Gemstone Pendant.

This collection has a mystic quality. I also adore the Eterna Statement cuff with the modern cutout. It’s like a sculpture—a real piece of art when you want to make a statement. I think it looks fabulous with this black silk dress. It’s so rich-looking!  

Dean Davidson cuff

Here’s the cuff again, this time with my pretty pink jacket! I’ve also loved wearing my Huggie Hoop earrings all year. I live in these, and the thing is, they come apart. So, if you want one hoop, no problem. It’s a brilliant idea and so practical!

Dean Davidson - double huggie hoop earrings

2 in 1 Huggie Hoops

Here’s a closer look at my Signet 2 in 1 Huggie Hoops. I love the size- not too big- not too small.



Dean Davidson Stud Trio

Three-Pack Knockout Studs

Dean is famous for his Signature Midi Knockout Studs, which feature brilliant-cut gemstones that look stunning day and night. This three-pack, which he had on sale for Christmas, is perfection!

Dean Davidson green stud earrings

There are many colors of gemstones you can get in your three-pack. I love these warm blue-green ones.

Dean Davidson gold bangle

Signet Bangle

I showed you the statement cuff, but Dean also has this gorgeous Signet Bangle; it is a great bracelet because it is thick enough to be worn alone, or you can combine it with one of Dean’s many other beautiful bracelets for an arm candy look. Notice the earrings again. It’s those 2 in 1 Huggie Hoops I talked about. I do live in them.


Dean Davidson Origin Collection

Dean Davidson’s jewelry is truly stunning. Interestingly enough, each collection has a unique theme inspired by Dean’s travels. This is his Origin Collection, inspired by the Fall landscape he designed at this cottage up north in Canada. 

I wear these sleek Flow Huggie Hoop Earrings, the Crystal Leaf Passage Pendant, and the show-stopping Foliole Statement Cuff.  

Dean Davidson cocktail ring, necklace

I love this Glamorous Cocktail Ring!

The fabulous thing about all of Dean’s collections is that you can mix and match them. Last year, I showed you this glamorous Plaza Cocktail Ring and this year, I paired it with his latest collection.

dean davidson cocktail fring

As you can see, I’m really into this stunning cocktail ring. Here it is again, but worn more casually.  I have always wanted a big, bold cocktail ring; for some reason, I’ve never owned one! Maybe it’s a cliché that every mature woman has a big, classy cocktail ring. Well, now I have mine, and I’m thrilled! This is stunning!

    Dean Davidson holiday jewelry

These Ipanema Earrings are my Favorite!

I don’t know about you, but after 25 years of marriage, I let my Santa hubby understand what I’d like for Christmas. It’s easier that way, and he is happy too. These drop-dead gorgeous Ipanema Earrings might be something you want at the top of your Christmas list this year. I can’t tell you how much wear I have gotten out of these.

They look fabulous with a cocktail dress or jumpsuit at holiday time, but I have also worn them to weddings and special dinners. They are so modern and minimalistic that I can even wear them with many casual outfits.

I’m also big on layering bracelets, and I stack many Dean Davidson bracelets and get creative with them to make each outfit look unique. I’m wearing the Manhattan Chain Link Bracelet inspired by Studio 54 in the ’70s in NYC and the Signature Twin Cuff.


dean davidsonHere are these fabulous green Ipanema earrings again. They are from his DD Icons collection, which I wear with all my holiday outfits!





    Dean Davidson Woven Erarrings

Cute Braided Huggies Inspired by Bali

Another favorite from the holiday guide is these Braided Huggie Hoop Earrings inspired by Dean’s trip to Bali. These are the perfect size for every day and have just the right texture to make them exciting but without hijacking my outfits.


Dean-Davidson woven Bali earrings See how I have layered more bracelets? This time, I have the Manhattan Chain Link Bracelet and the Braided Bangle that goes with the earrings.

Dean’s jewelry is modern, elegant, understated, and feminine. It’s simply beautiful bling – totally my taste!

Deborah wears dd jewelry

This Layered Necklace is a One and Done!

I love Dean’s jewelry, including this cute hammered ball necklace, studs, and the Studio 54 chain bracelet from the Manhattan collection, which was inspired by Studio 54 in the late ’70s.


Dean Davidson Jewelry Necklaces

Teardrop Necklaces

Here are just a few of my other Dean Davidson favorites. I like wearing the Signature Teardrop Gemstone Pendant,   usually with something dark to show it off. Then, I mix and match the gold Signature Teardrop Pendant and the dainty Midi Knockout Pendant.

Why buy Dean Davidson Jewelry?

The best thing about Dean’s jewelry is it’s modern and versatile. I wear it both with casual and dressy outfits. It just doesn’t sit in my closet like some jewelry that is too dressy for some outfits and not dressy enough for others! Treat yourself or a loved one with some Dean Davidson jewelry.  

Check out these items and get a one-time 15% off sitewide with code Deborah15. Dean Davidson jewelry is my favorite, and I love how you can mix and match pieces from before with every collection. The possibilities are endless, and you always look chic. Pick up a piece and treat yourself! You can’t go wrong with this stylish, modern bling!

Thank you to Dean Davidson for sponsoring this post.

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