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Dressing Up Casual Shorts: 12 Influencers Show You How

If you’re still undecided about whether shorts after 40  are right for you, then take a look at the photos of these 40+ Instagrammers.

By dressing up shorts, these gals have created cute summer outfits that are stylish and appropriate. Have a peek, and let me know how you feel about shorts for women over 40.



Julie, a Scottish blogger, looks classy and elegant in her soft, flowy shorts in this opulent wine color.  Her tiered, cream blouse, and leather tassel necklace are stunning and help to create a nice balance. I love this look because it’s so feminine, almost like wearing a skirt. This is a great casual outfit even into early fall when it’s often still quite hot out.



Helen is a CPA by day, lifestyle blogger by night, and one of my Styleblazers. Her perky yellow striped shorts, with a row of buttons at the pockets, have a classic nautical look. Helen plays up the sailor vibe by wearing a boatneck top and carrying a structured over the shoulder bag. White gladiator sandals add a modern twist.



Alicia is a 40+ blogger who writes about style/clean beauty/travel/decor/gluten & nut-free food. Her take on shorts? Alicia is right at home in a cute chambray romper.  Lots of gold jewelry, some cute wedges, and this gorgeous designer handbag add a lot of polish to this casual daytime look.



Here’s another version of the all- in-one shorts look. Lesley is a Fashion Blogger/singer/actress who looks like a pretty pin-up girl in this darling pastel romper. She’s showing off a lot of leg (and why not? She looks fab!), but it’s balanced nicely by her higher neckline and short sleeves.  Lesley’s soft, sand-colored bag and pink silk scarf add tons of sophistication. Space-age silver sandals make this outfit modern.



Good, old denim shorts are still a popular choice in summer.  Nina, a blogger who celebrates the mature woman and midlife challenges and triumphs, keeps her look crisp and classic in rolled-up jean shorts, a striped top, and a white cropped jacket.



If you prefer longer shorts, here’s a classic look for running around in. Renata is a Polish/English 40+ lifestyle blogger who starts every day with a smile and promotes classy & feminine looks and positive thinking. Pinstripes, a fedora, and driving loafers pull the look together, and her emerald tote gives this outfit an energetic punch.




There’s nothing as fresh and lovely as white shorts in summer. Take a look at how blogger Ann Krembs wear hers. Ann likes her clothes to have a sporty twist, so she’s combined white frayed cotton shorts with this fabulous 3/4 length sleeve, netted top. Summery and a little sexy too!




The Utilitarian look has been big in the last couple of years. Heather, a Dallas style blogger and denim lover with boho-chic focus, has found a way to make it her own. She paired this cool khaki romper with suede wedges, leather over the shoulder bag, a touch of fine jewelry, and fabulous aviator sunglasses. Don’t miss my interview with this Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer.



Speaking of boho, meet Michelle, another 40+ blogger who has styled her denim jeans with a 70’s vibe. Her flowy white peasant blouse, ethnic-inspired bag, strappy leather flats, and leather braided belt all come together to create a free spirit feel. And that Fedora …..well it makes the whole look very Jennifer Aniston, don’t you think?



Sleek and elegant with a carefree touch is the way I’d describe this shorts look. Valeria is a Polish stylist who likes to put together looks without spending a lot of money. The heels are dressy, but the longer shorts and clean look balance things out and make this outfit sophisticated. A touch of fringe ( her bag) adds a fun note.




Linen is a great summer fabric and looks so light and airy with these pretty print shorts and canvas shoes.  Regina, an Instagrammer from Salzburg, has done a great job creating a summer look that is casual and relaxed.




Finally, here’s Jane, a British personal stylist & fashion blogger and a Fabulous After 40 Styleblazer. Cuffed navy shorts paired with a gauzy summer off the shoulder and studded sandals are a modern combination. Her cute fedora gives a tomboy twist to this feminine look.

Have you worn shorts this summer? Let me know.

I’m always on the lookout for Stylish women to feature. Be sure to add the #fabulousafter40  HASHTAG to your Instagram posts so I can find you easily!

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15 thoughts on “Dressing Up Casual Shorts: 12 Influencers Show You How

  1. I agree – Shorts are great. My concern is the shoes. I love em, but do shoes become an ‘age’ statement? (lace in particular)

  2. It’s the knees that let us down. I only wear shorts in the garden, personally. I just think that these women are all so attractive, but draw attention to their knees, which are really not the best part. But of course, it’ s what each woman feels comfortable wearing.

    I think your fake leather leggings outfit looks great Deborah. I think my hustband would like that too!

  3. Wow Deborah thank you so much for including me I feel very honoured.
    I think sometimes as women we can get hung up on age related issues but life is for living after all & age is just a number so go forth & wear shorts with pride ladies & remember the most important thing is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing.
    Jane xx

  4. It’s my opinion that, after the age of 40, regardless of how nice one’s legs look, short (more than 3″ above the knee) shorts, culottes, skirts or dresses are inappropriate.

    1. In response to Lesa’s comment, I respectfully disagree with your opinion that it is “inappropriate” for women over forty to show more than three inches of her thighs. Sounds stodgy and horribly old fashioned! Not to mention illogical. If one’s legs are fabulous, then for heavens sake why not? We don’t walk around with our age stamped on our foreheads. How would anyone know? Are we to police ourselves then? Ha!

      1. I have to comment also on Lesa’s comments. I am 61 , live on the Gulf Coast where today heat index was 105. I have worn shorts all summer. Yes I do believe you have to look at your legs and decide on the length that looks good. It isn’t just age, but how your legs look. Someone much younger than I might need longer shorts. No, I don’t wear them as short as my daughter, but….I do wear shorts most everywhere except for really dressy events. Long pants seem hot just looking at them.

        1. Just as a point of information…..I swim, walk, and do exercise videos regularly. So….my legs are decent. lol

  5. I like shorts, but my problem isn’t veins or crepiness, it’s keratosis pilaris. I am chocolate skinned, and I never have done short shorts, but I like burmudas. I am hoping that some self tanner might hide the dark bumps on my legs. Wearing stalkings in the summer just looks odd.

    1. Hi Elle,
      No matter what issues we have with our legs Bermudas (or longer shorts) are always a great option. Self tanner can be help but if you have bumps it really won’t hide them that much. You are right, stockings really are not that great of an option (see our article on stockings) Sometimes we just have to face reality and do the best we can to look good. If that means longer shorts or skirts then so be it…we can still be fabulous!!

  6. My legs are not pretty bare. I am not tan and the veins, though not varicose, are really starting to show. Add to that, all boo-boos I had as a kid have left their mark. Solution? Sally Hanson’s spray-on leg makeup. It’s great, does NOT come off on your clothes — or even in the water without really scrubbing — and looks very natural. I really don’t wear shorts very often though, just skirts (knee-length) and capris in the summer.

    1. Hi Mary, Yes, I too have tried several brands and Sally Hanson’s is a good one! Thanks for reminding us that spray tan is a great option to smooth out some of the little imperfections that we get as we age. Also for those who don’t tan it can be a lifesaver to feeling good about showing off their legs!

  7. I also think a good point to bring up when considering shorts after 40 is the condition of your skin. I see so many woman over 40 who are size wise fine to wear shorts but then their skin looks so bad all you can think is “Cover it up!” I’ve noticed my ow skintone and suppleness has been going downhill for the last year so I’ve totally switched over to the longer shorts and capris for the coming summer. Bye bye short shorts, I sure will miss you!

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