How to Wear a Bodysuit Beautifully!

If you’re tired of fussing around with tops that bunch up at the waist instead of neatly tuck in, then you will be happy to know that bodysuits are back. They were popular in the ’80s but have made a sudden comeback, and that’s good news when you’re after a sexy, sleek look!

Here are a few favorite bodysuits and how to style them!Bodysuits - Navy

Draped Bodysuit

This draped blue bodysuit looks luxurious like satin but is actually 100% machine washable.  Dark blue looks very sophisticated, paired with black or gray. Add these darling plaid pumps to give your outfit a shot of personality!Bodysuit Trend - Orange Ribbed Bodysuit

Turtleneck Bodysuit

The turtleneck bodysuit is one sexy look. Turtlenecks can sometimes be bulky and make a midlife waist look even more matronly, but this sleek bodysuit eliminates that problem. Have you ever thought of wearing a vest over your turtleneck?

Shearling is trending, and this beautiful shearling vest looks rugged in a classy way, worn over this warm orange bodysuit. Finish it off with cowboy booties and a bucket bag, and you have a whole western theme going on!

Bodysuits - Velvet


Velvet Bodysuit

Don’t you love velvet? It can make something as simple as a round-neck tee look like a million bucks. I love the breathtaking berry shade of this luxurious velvet bodysuit. Not only does this bodysuit look good, but it feels good too. Pair it with classy wide-leg pants and strappy suede ankle shoes for an elegant vibe.

Bodysuits - Black

Black Bodysuit

If you want to try this trend safely, then I’d suggest you try something like this black crisscross bodysuit. It is conservative, chic, and will go with everything. When your bodysuit fits, the rest of your outfit slides on. A streamlined bodysuit look is going to help your body look longer and leaner.


Will you be buying a bodysuit this fall? How will you style it?

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