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Easy Ways to Style Red Boots & White Boots

You’d think it was Christmas or something with all the red, white, and silver booties we’re seeing in the stores!

red booties trend


red ankle booties

They’re actually kind of fun. I love my red booties, and there are ways to style them without looking over the top, as I showed you in an earlier post on silver booties and shoes.

Style Red Boots & White Boots


Today I want to continue the discussion and talk about styling red booties and white boots. If you’d love to try either but will likely take a pass because you don’t know what to do with them, hold on!  A cute pair of women’s red booties can make an all-black outfit pop. White ankle booties are chic and sophisticated. Either way, red or white booties are exactly the kind of accessory that can take you from frumpy to fab in the blink of an eye.

Here are some simple ideas for how to wear both red and white booties in a casual, easygoing way.

Red Booties fall 2018

Red Booties

Who needs blue suede shoes when you can have these red suede ones? These booties are going to be the centerpiece of your look, and rightly so. For that reason, you want to keep the rest of your outfit calm, quiet, and classy, so nothing is competing or clashing with the boots.

Here I’ve styled these red suede booties from Vince Camuto with blue jeans and a black sweater with statement sleeves. Pare down the accessories for a super casual look; add some earrings and a necklace to dress it up. Red and black are always such a rich combination.


White Booties Fall 2017

White Booties

As someone born in the 1960s, I grew up dreaming of a pair of white go-go boots, and while those days are long gone, I still appreciate a great pair of white booties. If you’re going to wear white booties over 40, you want to go classy all the way. That starts with a sleek, mod pair like these from Steve Madden and extends to the simple jeans and blouse in a neutral color palette.

Feel free to kick things up a notch with classy, quality accessories. I’ve kept the jewelry and bag neutral to make the outfit look more elegant, but I made sure these pieces had texture to keep the outfit from looking boring. This is a very relaxed, classy, age-amazing outfit.

Will you be wearing red booties this fall? Are our women’s white ankle booties more your style?

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One thought on “Easy Ways to Style Red Boots & White Boots

  1. Ha ha! I, too, have loved the go-go boots! I’m afraid of white getting dirty fast and looking dingy, but I think the red could work for many occasions! Not just for the holidays but for adding a pop of color to any drab outfit. I have one pair of red pumps, and when I wear them, they own the company!


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