How to Style a Brown Leather Moto Jacket

A beautiful leather moto jacket is one of those go-to fall pieces that come in really handy and always look fabulous. Today I want to show you a new one I just picked up that I’m really enjoying!

tan leather moto jacket black jeans

Sometimes I like a little bit of an edge to the way I dress, but little is the keyword for me. There are many really great moto jackets out there, but some are just too rugged or masculine for my taste. It takes a little bit of looking around to find one that is as soft, feminine, and as refined as this one.

brown leather moto jacket black jeans2

This luxurious-looking cropped leather moto jacket is thin and buttery soft. It’s super light and comfy because it has stretchy knit inserts on the inside of the sleeves.

What I love most about it is the gorgeous raw edge draped collar. When you slip on the jacket, the collar falls any which way, creating a beautifully draped neckline. The leather’s raw back is exposed, which adds some nice texture, and the whole look is very relaxed and classy. 

Do you see the nice fit? This jacket has a beautiful shape. The color is a gorgeous tan that looks great with all the fall shades and works in spring too!

brown moto jacket with zippers

Here’s a closer look at the zipper detail. Aren’t these zippers unique? I love this special touch. Now, you’re probably wondering about my sweater underneath…

black print cold shoulder top black jeans

Here it is! This space-dyed cold shoulder top shakes things up a bit. If you are tired of wearing the same sweater over and over, this soft knit is different and a little trendy.

black cold shoulder top with colored stripes

You get a better idea of the color and pattern here.

The nice thing is that there are so many colors on this top; you pick one out and use it as your accent. I’ve picked out the wine color and accented it with a wine tote.

Black booties ground the look and continue the long, lean line of my black jeans. I bought these booties last year, but there are plenty of similar types around now.

black striped off the shoulder top black jeans red bag

This outfit blends in perfectly with nature’s beautiful fall color scheme. There are warmth and earthiness to this look, but it also very modern and cool!



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8 thoughts on “How to Style a Brown Leather Moto Jacket

  1. Love the jacket, and I appreciate your observation that it will work in the spring, too! Please plan to style it for us again when spring ’18 arrives!

    1. Hi Lori, Glad you like the jacket. It was the zippers that attracted me too. Did you know zippers are considered sporty and sporty is youthful, so if you want to look a little more youthful, a zippered, rather than button jacket will do it!

  2. Deborah, This jacket looks phenomenal on you! Can you recommend a similar style that is not “cropped”. The draped collar really does soften the look.

    1. Hi Janice, Most moto jackets are 21-24 inches long from shoulder to hem and this is 24, so you shouldn’t find it too short unless you are super long waisted. This jacket is nice becasue it is very light on and so quite comfy. I also love the draping in the front. It makes it more elegant and feminine than your average moto jacket. You could always order and return if you felt it was too short. Nordstrom has an excellent no charge shipping/return policy. Hope that helps!

  3. Love love love the outfit. I have a pink Moto leather jacket, a black leather crop with fringe down the arms and across the back, and a black 3/4 leather jacket. Love my leather…..I might have to find a tan one….my other one was attacked by a bird in a pet shop and it put a large hole in the sleeve….unrpairable….