Fuzzy Wuzzy Sweaters To Cuddle Up In

You don’t have to make massive changes in your wardrobe to stay looking modern and chic. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding some fluffy texture to update your style.

Case in point, one easy way to refresh your classic sweater + jeans look is to swap out a smooth, low texture sweater with a fuzzy eyelash fringe knit.

1. Green Eyelash Sweater

Eyelash sweaters are trendy this time of year because they are a little more dressy than your average sweater and they are super comfy too. Eyelash knits are fun for casual holiday get-togethers and so cozy by the fireplace at Christmas.

This gorgeous emerald green cropped eyelet sweater looks magnificent with black jeans, and the boatneck neckline is such a flattering shape because it makes your shoulders look broad and beautiful.

2. Color Block Eyelash Sweater

Maybe you’ve been on the fence about these sweaters because some really do look more like hairy bathmats! But there are also many out there that are pretty, darn cute. This is one of them.

I love the soft pastel colors and modern chevron pattern of this fluffy pink crewneck. These colors look fabulous with light wash jeans and taupe boots. There’s a real casual elegance to this look – fluffy but not stuffy.

3. Eyelash Cardigan

Concerned that all that fluff will make you look like a giant Abominable Snowman, or make you melt under the heeat? Try a long fuzzy cardigan over a tank or tee with a pair of jeans and some cute booties.

This is an adorable look and really makes a very basic outfit come to life!

4. Off the Shoulder Eyelash Sweater

For a more dramatic look, you can go high contrast with a jet black eyelash sweater with a sexy off the shoulder neckline.

Fuzzy eyelash sweaters that reveal your decolleatagé can look quite elegant. Just keep your accessories simple and let your fluffy sweater do all the talking.

Do you like fluffy sweaters? Where do you wear them? 


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    1. Hi Robin,
      I’m personally not a fan of flannel shirts. I find them too rugged for my style, but that’s not to say they’re not right for you. It’s important to always stay true to yourself.