5 Fuzzy Wuzzy Sweaters To Cuddle Up In

You don’t have to make massive changes to your wardrobe to look modern and chic. Sometimes, it’s as simple as adding fluffy texure texture to update your style.

One easy way to refresh your sweater + jeans look is to swap out a soft, low-texture sweater with a fuzzy sweater like an eyelash fringe knit.

These types of sweaters are made from novelty eyelash yarn. This yarn has a thread base, with several long strands spaced at even intervals that jut out at an angle from the main strand. Often, but not always, the strands are metallic.

fuzzy sweater black


1. Black Off the Shoulder Eyelash Sweater

Eyelash sweaters are popular this time of year for holiday get-togethers. All you need is a fuzzy sweater and a pair of black pants, and you will look festive and party-ready. This gorgeous black fuzzy sweater is an eyelash knit that takes it further with a sexy off-the-shoulder neckline.  Wear this sweater with split-hem pants at Christmas or New Year’s to look feminine and flirty.


fuzzy sweater white
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2. Ombre Eyelash Sweater

Eyelash sweaters aren’t always dressy or just for parties. They can be casual, too, but they all have in common: they are soft, feminine, and alluring.  An eyelash knit is like a soft kitten. It makes you want to reach out and touch it.

This delicate crewneck sweater has beautiful ombre shading. Wear it with flare jeans, a light-colored leather jacket, and suede booties for a pastel winter look.


woman wearing fuzzy sweater

3. Cozy Teddy Bear Sweater

The Eyelash knit is only one type of fuzzy fuzzy sweater. Nubby Teddy Bear Knits give you a cozy down home look and feel. This peach color is fresh and fabulous this time of year when it’s dreary and cold outside, and the oversized cute makes it super snuggly looking! Great with jeans when you are cuddled up watching by the fire or watching a good movie!



striped eyelash sweater
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4. Striped Eyelash Sweater

Maybe you’ve been on the fence about these sweaters because some more fuzzy ones look more like hairy bathmats. But this striped eyelash sweater looks cool.

Yes, the knit is longer and fuzzier, but the dark mix of black and midnight blue chunky stripes. It makes it look very edgy and urban. Wear it with black jeans, booties, and accessories for a classy, casual look.


fuzzy sweater  cropped

5. Pretty Eyelash Cardigan

Are you worried all the fluff will make you look like the Abominable Snowman or melt from heat? Try a fuzzy, cropped eyelash cardigan with cargo pants or jeans for a more fitted look.

How to Wash an Eyelash Sweater

Caring for your eyelash sweater is easier than you think. Hand washes separately in a cold, gentle setting. Avoid bleach, chlorinated detergent, and softer and line-dry fabric.  

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