Smocked Tops and Blouses That Aren’t Too Junior

Smocked tops and blouses that are sweet and puffy are trending for spring, and we all know how cute they can look. But are they really right for a mature woman, or will you end up looking like an aging wannabe Disney princess?

Ok, maybe that sounds a little harsh, but some of these tops are just too short, tight and junior looking for grown-up gals.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get in on the trend. There are lots of fabulous smocked tops and blouses out there. It’s all about finding a style that looks different from the last time you wore this trend (probably back in the 70’s!)

Here are some casual, classy, smocked tops, and how to wear this popular new look.

Smocked top - Black and White Top

1. Smocked Tops in Neutral Colors Look Sophisticated

An elegant cut is important to making a smocked top work when you are over 40. This chic boatneck blouse with a touch of smocking at the waist and cuffs is a great example of that. 

Color can also make a big difference between looking sweet or sophisiticated. You can’t go wrong wearing neutrals colors, especially black and white. This high-contrast combo is dramatic and mature. The right prints can elevate smocking too. This bold, painterly print has a modern, classy feel.

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Smocked top- Blue dot smock top

2. Smocked Tops with Long Sleeves are Easier to Wear

Smocked tops and blouses are naturally sweet and romantic looking , and when they have short puffy sleeves they can look quite junior. They are much harder to pull off after a certain age because they look little girly, and they don’t do any favors for aging arms either!

One way to avoid this too cutesy look is to wear a smocked top with long sleeves. This pretty blue tiered sleeve blouse is a nice alternative to a short sleeved smocked top.

It’s romantic and feminine – almost storybook-like, but it walks the fine line between too young and too old. I would easily wear this top with pair of crisp, tailored white pants and some sleek summer slides to balance the sweetness.

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Smocking - Pale Pink Smock top

3. Gentle Smocking Gives a Nod to the Trend

The best way to tweak your chic® when it comes to a new trend is to wear a more subtle version of it. This pretty pink smocked top, for example, has very soft, gentle smocking down the front rather than very tight smocking across the front or smocked short sleeves.

You’re giving a nod to the trend. It’s a casual and understated way to look in style. I love this look for summer. So easy, and breezy and yet so of the moment. A classy bag and some good quality gold jewelry also helps make you look age-amazing!

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Here are some more smocked tops and blouses to make you look Age-amazing!

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