Latest Hairstyles For Women Over 40

I have a friend, and every time we get together, all we talk about is HAIR. We ask each other, “Is my hair too long, how’s the color, do you like the way I’ve styled it? Do you think I should change it?”

We spend hours dissecting and analyzing every last detail about our current hairdos. Why?

As my wise friend says, “Looking good…… It’s ALL about the hair.”

I have to agree. When your hair isn’t right, nothing feels right.

classic hairstyles for women over 40
Bob is one of the classic hairstyles for women over 40



A bad hair day makes you want to hide out because you feel like the biggest frump on the planet, while a good hair day puts a bounce in your step and gives you that shot of confidence to want to take on the world.

Hair is a woman’s greatest accessory and makes more of an impression than you’d think. Studies show that when someone meets you for the first time, they remember your hair more than anything else, including what you are wearing.

This is because hair frames your face. Psychologists have proven that different hairstyles on the same face produce vastly different first impressions.

All this confirms why it’s important to keep your hair updated and very well-groomed, especially after 40 when the dullness starts to set in, and hair becomes more coarse and thin.

How should you wear your hair as you head north of 40 so that you look modern, gorgeous, and totally shake-your-head fabulous?

trendy hairstyles for women over 40I called on celebrity hairstylist Christopher Hopkins (The Makeover Guy) to give us an update on the most popular hairstyles for women over 40.

Chris:  Deb, One question I often hear from my clients who are over forty is “what hairstyles are in?”

I’ve fought hard to handle this correctly because what’s “in” and what works for the individual’s hair type, styling ability, and lifestyle affect my answer.

When constantly bombarded by Hollywood celebrities with long layered hair set with a thermal iron on every magazine cover for the past decade, it can be difficult to find a look for real women.

What’s in is not nearly as important as a look that suits your personal style, hair type, and styling ability/desire. And, as we know, the further from 40 we progress, the more our hair changes allowing us fewer options, which, to me, is fine.

Sometimes it’s best to find a style you love and stick with it, updating it with a little color change or an update in styling tools. That being said, let’s check out some of the freshest and most flattering haircuts for women over 40.

Bob haircuts for women over 40
Here are some short bob haircuts for women over 40 that would work on most gals.

1. The Bob

Always in style, a classic bob updated with new products or styling tools is a sure winner for the classic, dramatic, casual type, and, with a twist, it works for the romantic, innovative, and alluring woman too.

medium length hairstyles for women over 40
Medium-length hairstyles for over 40 – These can be very flattering and work best when your hair has some fullness.

2. Shoulder length hairstyles for women

Shoulder-length hair is a great option for women who prefer longer hair but want to keep the focus “up.” These medium hairstyles for over 40, shown above, give you some ideas of how hair can be bobbed, curled, layered, and styled in variations on the theme.

best short hairstyles for women over 40
Short = Sassy and Confident. Some of the best short hairstyles for women over 40

3. Short hairstyles for women over 40

Short hairstyles are often the best bet for those who want a fun, easy-to-manage style that frames the face to full advantage. Though any face can wear short hair, it is most important that it is tailored to your individual style and features. Lately, the pixie cut has been off of the most stylish haircuts for women over 40. Here are a few other fun choices for summer 2014.

The best long styles for women over 40 include a few layers to give your hair body.

4. Long Hairstyles for Women 

Contrary to what has been the traditional view of long hairstyles after 40, many women can look great with flowing tresses. The trick is to have beautiful hair, a style that lasts all day without dragging you down. Extensions and even wigs can give you the look of long hair if you don’t have the hair for it.

Cute hairstyles for curly hair women
Curls and waves are feminine and playful.

5. Hairstyles for curly-haired women

Waves, as well as curly hairstyles for over 40, can add a very feminine touch. You will look updated and be able to keep your hair at the length you love. Though I’d avoid the perm on maturing hair, you may discover you have acquired some wave with age; it’s not uncommon. Even with straight hair use of thermal styling tools and rollers are a proven method for adding wave.

Whatever your desire, find a stylist who knows how to bring the focus to your eyes with face-framing layers. YOUR ideal length and style are more important than trend. With so many fun looks from which to choose this summer, I hope these ideas bring you a sexy summer of inspiration and excitement.

What do you think are the best haircuts for women over 40? Let me know what’s been working for you.

“The Makeover Guy ®” Christopher Hopkins encourages women worldwide with entertaining and informative image improvement advice. His best-selling book “Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45″, as well as his viral internet channel,, continue his legacy of helping women at any age and any other stage look and feel their absolute best.

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6 thoughts on “Latest Hairstyles For Women Over 40

  1. I’m always looking for the best haircuts for my short hair. Many of these hairstyles are suitable for me. Thank you for sharing. I love the bob one.

  2. I like how you talked about curly hairstyles adding a feminine touch. I have naturally curly hair and would love to go to a hair salon and try a new look. Thank you for the haircut ideas for women over 40!

  3. I have always tried to grow my hair to over-the-shoulder length but was never happy with the style. It always seemed the same, no matter how to cut or color. Aged 52, I thought about going short, so I started looking at hairstyles for women my age. None jumped out at me except a short layered pixie style worn by Kerry Katona. I took the plunge, and from shoulder length, hair went for the cut and lighter color of blond as my hair is salt and pepper with more salt to the front. I am so pleased I took the plunge with a new hairdresser and so happy with the style and color I will return to them in the future.

  4. I am always looking for new ways to wear or cut my hair. I’m approaching 60, but I want to wear a youthful and versatile hairstyle. I’ve chosen a longer bob, which is long enough to pull into an updo or enhance with a natural-looking hairpiece when the weather is hot.

    As you point out, there aren’t any strict “rules” for older women’s hairstyles. Why should there be? However, I agree with what you said about long hair: It should be in excellent condition, whole and healthy, to be worn long. Lately, I’ve seen too many older gals trying to wear long hair that doesn’t work for them, mainly because their hair is thin and in poor condition, making it look witchy and straggly. Thanks for the great tips!

  5. Christopher Hopkins is the best! I’d trust him with my hair any day! Monday, I will get one of his fabulous makeovers, Ut; at 51, I’m embracing my best look f I feel great; I’ll look, fantasy! By the way, I have naturally curly hair and have been fighting it for a decade. I surrendered, and we’re both happier (my hair and me) :-) Great pot! Hanks.

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