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High Waisted Wide Leg Dress Pants: 3 Chic Outfits!

When you go high, go wide! That’s the latest fashion message when it comes to dress pants. Suddenly we are seeing a surge of high-waisted, wide-leg dress pants showing up online, and the look is fresh, sophisticated, and exciting! Here are three high-waisted, wide-leg trousers that make a great starting point for a casually chic outfit.

White High Waisted Wide Leg Dress Pants

White High Waisted Wide Leg Dress Pants

We’ve barely begun winter, and yet white, high-waisted pants are flying out of stores. This crisp cool look of a pair of flowy white dress pants is hard to resist. Pair them with a thin, fine sweater, like this alluring mock neck keyhole one, and suede booties, and you wear them right now. Or, tuck them into your suitcase if you are headed south. They make great vacation pants!

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Tan High Waisted Wide Leg Dress Pants

Tie Waist, Hight-Rise, Wide Leg Trousers

One of the easiest ways to stay looking youthful is to highlight your waist, and these gorgeous high-rise, wide-leg pants with the relaxed tie waist do just that. These creamy yellow pants are my favorite because they’re more interesting than beige but not as bright as pure yellow, and they look fabulous with neutrals.

A high waist can be very slimming since it elongates your legs, but these pants have pleats, so if you have a large stomach, know that the pleats will emphasize that. You may want to try a pair of Spanx or a flat-front pair of high-rise, wide-leg pants.

Also, be sure to choose a top you can tuck in like this silky blouse to keep the waist nice and streamlined. A cute cropped sweater that ends at the waist can be a cozy addition.

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Black High Waisted Wide Leg Dress Pants

Cropped, Black, High Waist, Wide Leg Pants

Black pants of any kind are always a hit with women because they are very slimming and are a great canvas for anything you wear with them. This pair takes on a fashion-forward look since they are not only high-waisted and wide-legged, but they’re also cropped. I love the flowy look of these. They are almost like a skirt. You are best to wear these with a higher heel to get the most glamorous figure-flattering look. Flats work too, but they will make you look shorter and broader, especially if you are bottom-heavy.

I love these pants paired with this beautiful blouson sleeve sweater. The wide sleeves balance the wide pants legs and create a beautiful hourglass shape. Add an elegant bag and some classy earrings, and you are all set!

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