Washed Out? Color Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger!

If you have a closet full of black clothes and can’t stop buying and wearing black, then you likely have ABD or Abundant Black Disorder, and it’s probably making you look ten years older than you are!

ABD is a problem anyone can have, but it’s widespread after 40. It happens when we wear too much black.

Who doesn’t love black? It’s very slimming, goes with everything, and always looks chic, but you know what? As you get older, black can be a cop-out – a way to hide and make you look tired, stiff, and aging.

In episode 8 of The Fabulous after 40 Podcast, I discuss this little-known common wardrobe disorder called Abundant Black Syndrome (ABD). Learn:

  • What is ABD?
  • Why it’s so common for women over 40
  • How ADB hinders your looks and your style
  • The cure for ABD
  • Simple, non-scary ways to ease into a more colorful wardrobe and have a more excellent 40+ style.

Do you have ABD? Watch this video to find out and learn how to cure this common fashion ailment. Here’s the podcast: How to Cure Yourself of Abundant Black Disorder.

Abundant Black Disorder

Podcast: Fallen into a black hole? Sick of looking in the mirror and seeing a dark, dreary older woman staring back at you. Aging, too much black, especially around the face, can drag you down and make you look old.

After 40, our skin becomes more uneven and reveals shadows, lines, and wrinkles. Our hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes begin to fade out too. Add black to the mixture, and you can look drained, even if it makes you look dynamite at one time.

So what’s the solution………..? That’s easy; it’s COLOR. A shot of color adds energy and life, and that’s attractive at any age! So how do you get out of your black rut?

abundant black disorder problem

1. Wear more Color Near Your Face

There’s no harm in wearing black so long as you keep it away from your face. That’s where it’s crucial to have some color.

For example, you might wear black pants, a black skirt with a more colorful top, or something like a bright red dress with a black jacket that you already own. Color is energy, and energy is youthful, so keep the black below and wear the color on your top half.

2. Trade Black for Navy

Navy, espresso, charcoal gray, or even deep burgundy can have the same dramatic impact as black without the harshness. Check it out and see what I mean.

3. Wear Colorful Jewelry

If you have a black top that you are not ready to toss yet, you can add some colorful jewelry to create a buffer zone between your face and black.

Colorful necklaces work well, or you could wear a scarf. Black tops with gold or silver embellishments also perk you up and add life to your face.

Want to know more about the colors you need to wear to look Age-Amazing™? Then pick up a copy of my popular eBook, Color Me Fabulous. It’s packed full of over 110 photos and collages-styled outfits showing you how to wear color to look youthful, classy, and sexy.

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7 thoughts on “Washed Out? Color Can Make You Look 10 Years Younger!

  1. Hi Deborah, I like your tips on replacing black with navy. I’ve been doing this since last fall. I have always wanted to wear color and I added color on top next to my face. It makes a big difference. I am new to your site and see you have short videos with modeling outfits, which I like. Would you happen to have links so we can order something we saw and enjoyed? Thanks, Sherry

  2. I love the idea of trading black for navy. I wish that navy would make a comeback, as I remember wearing navy much more often when I was young and loved it. One problem I have is that navy can be many colors depending on the manufacturer. Navy used to be a reliable shade of very dark blue like they wear in the Navy; sometimes, it was difficult to distinguish navy from black. That was true, Navy.

    1. Hi Brenlara,
      Navy is always in style and looks fabulous with camel lately. You are right; there are so many shades of navy. The nearly black navy is nice if you are in a cool winter, and the medium navy suits those with cool summer coloring. The warmer navy shades are perfect for spring coloring or Autumn. In general, the navy is just a bit livelier than black and has more energy, which I like.

  3. Oh wow. This is me! I loved black; it is the majority of what I own. Lately, I couldn’t figure out why every time I looked in the mirror, I felt like I looked so tired and worn out. It is so true that black is a staple and safe pick in our younger years. I never really gravitated toward colors, but now I will if it means looking more alive! Thank you!

  4. Enjoy reading your tips. I never liked how I looked in black, but I thought it was because of my skin–that I had an olive in m my skin tone. I stayed away from black tops, and when I did wear something black, I always wore a bright-colored scarf around my neck. I like how I look in white, and white has become my favorite color. I feel it brightens my face and always looks sharp and clean.

    1. Agree with Linda. White is my new fav color too. I can’t wear true black anymore…it drains me, and I look tired, old, and have a yellow skin tone. Charcoal grey is much better for me, with white next to my face. So true that many of us go to black for all the reasons mentioned. Great tips!!!

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