3 Scary Sun Facts about the Sun and Your Skin

Sun Damage Over 40

I had a great time speaking at the Beauty Bash in NYC this weekend, and while I was there picked up a couple of really fascinating sun and skin damage facts that shocked me.

Dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur gave a great talk about the sun being the number one thing that will age your skin.

Nothing new, except for these three facts we never knew about.

  • If you sit under an umbrella, you are not out of harm’s way. 50% of the sun’s rays are reflected up at you from the sand!
  • If you are swimming, your body (which is underwater) is not protected. The sun can penetrate 2 feet down into the water!
  • If you go to a sunbed even once, you increase your risk of getting skin cancer by 75%. Can you believe it, not to mention we all know that the sun severely wrinkles and dries out our skin and it causes dark age spots! So if you didn’t get out of the sun a long time ago, do so now- immediately!

If sun damage from your youth is showing up now, what are you doing about it?

Do you use special creams you use? Have you tried chemical peels or lasers? What else is working for you?

Comment below and let me know.

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14 thoughts on “3 Scary Sun Facts about the Sun and Your Skin

  1. I’m 42 and lived most of my life in Oregon. I had many sunburns skiing in my younger days. Even in cloudy weather you need sunscreen! I’m religious about it now, even in the winter when it is raining. You just never know where those bad UV rays are lurking!

  2. I am 46 and looking good has always been important to me. I do see the signs of aging all over me including all the sun spots that have formed. I’m bummed that some of them are on my face. Wish there was something I could do.

  3. Hold on to your hats! I live in a nudist resort! Everybody, EVERYBODY, worships the South Texas sun but me…many don’t even wear sun screen and have the dermatologist burn-off marks to prove it…plus the wrinkles.

    I play a lot of water volleyball but always wear a sun protective shirt that covers to about my upper thigh. The covered skin is whitish, yes, but also plump, healthy, un-lined….the exposed skin, even with liberal applications of sunscreen is dryer, spotted, and sometimes just not healthy looking. And sun does penetrate the water deeper than two feet as my tanned toes will tell you.

  4. I started using sunscreen daily in my mid 40s, but I wish I would have been so careful in my 20s and 30s. I have had 2 small actinic keratosis spots removed this year; one from my forehead and one from my arm.

  5. I use sunscreen now, but I grew up in Arizona and fried my skin just about everyday! I am at a loss of what to do now that I am 49 years old and I am told damage is already done. I feel helpless and great remorse.
    Teresa in Virginia Beach

  6. I’m 56 and sat in the sun for many hours during the teenage years. Few spots but very dry. I actually use a general moisturizer and than add an unscented oil for after shower. Moisturizer products for my face are varied but I always use a syrum, specific moisterizer for the eyes and than a face cream. Occasionally I use a mud mask. The results — not so bad for 56!

  7. Gotta add… I feel sorry for Gov. Jan B. of Arizona…Can you imagine seeing yourself on the web as the example of sun damaged skin… YIKES!!

  8. I can’t say I’ve been diligent about sun protection. I’ve lived in the south most of my life – and I love the outdoors. Hiking, gardening, swimming, etc. And yes, it does show. I don’t have that porcelein skin. But my mom doesn’t either and she stayed out of the sun her whole life. I do wear sun protecting foundation and have for years, but it’s only done so much. I don’t have much wrinkling but I do have some spots especially around the hairline (maybe I’ve missed that with the foundation). I’ve used a micro dermabrasion scrub and Salicylic Acid to some success. Roc is also good but I don’t love the perfume smell. I use a vitamin C based serum that works pretty well too. Tiny broken blood vessels are also an issue but it’s not so much the sun as it is the heat that causes these (or the extreme cold can too I believe). I’ve gone to a couple of dermatolgists but I’ve never found one that really convinced me they could help enough to keep me going.

  9. Great info! Wow………a tanning bed does that! I use SPF on my face everyday now but early on, we tanned in high school and early 20’s. Don’t have alot of damage but alittle I cover up . I use concealer then a makeup primer before foundation and after I moisturize in the morning and add my sun screen. There are more steps to things nowadays, ha! Bonnie

  10. I’ve easily lost 10 years off my looks by simply staying out of the sun and using spf in my skin care products. I have a gorgeous 18 year old daughter and my best beauty advise is spf, spf, spf! Thanks for a great article terrific examples. I’ll pass them along!

  11. Sun damage is definitely starting to show — specifically brown spots on my cheekbones! I’m more than willing to ignore the spots on my hands, but on my face, its a bit harder. So I just started using a using a fade cream for my face. No results yet, but it’s early.

  12. I’m 53, fair skinned and was a sun worshipper until my mid 30’s. I’ve seen major improvements in texture and fine lines from sun damage on my face, by using Mary Kay Time Wise Exfoliating Cleanser and Mary Kay Moisture daily, Roc Retin A serum and Roc cream at night, and Mary Kay Micro-dermabrasion scrub and Replenishing serum 3 times a week. I am very surprised at how the skin on my face has responded to this regimen, I never expected to see such a dramatic difference with non-prescription skin care products.

  13. I recently turned 46, after having spent most of my life in New Zealand and Australia countries well known for their high sunshine and UV levels, people consistently think I am 10 years younger.I often have to show my ID to prove my age. I put it down to daily use of high level sun screens, particularly on my face and neck, during summer and winter for the past 25 years.