5 Tips to Look Sexy in A Wrap Dress

Dear Deborah,

I’m 45, recently divorced, back on the dating scene, and had no idea how to dress. What can I wear that looks sexy but isn’t so skimpy it reveals everything?    Thanks, Liz P.

Hi Liz,

I get this question all the time. Who wants to go out looking like a 21-year-old dressed for a night of clubbing? Where’s the fine line between looking sexy and looking sleazy, especially at 40, 50, and beyond?

Deborah Boland Fabulous After 40

blue wrap dress

My answer is always the same. If you want to look feminine, alluring, and classy, a wrap dress is perfect for a date. Whether on a first date with someone you just met or out for a romantic night with your spouse, here are five ways to wear a wrap dress to heat things.

1. Choose a Flirty Print

Sure, you can always find a black wrap dress, but it doesn’t capture the spirit of the dress or the excitement of a date.

I’d suggest that you go for a brighter color and a fun pattern ( like an animal print, bold floral, or graphic print).

This will make you look lively and a little playful. There are thousands of wrap dresses for women out there like this, so they won’t they won’t be hard to find.

2. Go for Silk, Silk Jersey, or a Soft Fabric

Most wrap dresses are made from some soft fabric, and that’s what you want. It has to look and feel good on your skin to be alluring, so in case you do find a wrap dress made of crisp cotton (and there are some out there in summer), stay away. Silk wrap dresses for women are much sexier.


Wrap Dress - Blue and White Print Skirt

3. Consider Shapewear

Wrap dresses follow your curves and enhance your figure, so it’s important to have a clean look. If you are worried about bra or panty lines, or any little lumps and bumps, I’d suggest you try some shapewear, like Spanx, to erase these problems. You’ll be amazed how a lightweight, stretchy shapewear short can smooth things out and make you look toned and slender.

Wrap Dress - Coneftti

4. Wear Alluring  Jewelry

Did you know if you want to look sexy, your jewelry should be a little bigger and have some dangle? It should move when you move. Same goes for your hair- No stiff hairdos.

Wrap Dress - Coral Leaf

5. Don’t Step Out the Door Without Heels

If there was ever a time to wear heels, it’s with a wrap dress. Flats don’t cut it, especially when you want to flaunt your femininity. Show off your legs by adding a couple of inches. A bit of height enhances the style of this dress and makes you look lovely and leggy.

Have fun, Glam Gal!

p.s. More interested in how to look professional in a wrap dress at work? I wrote a post about that too!

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12 thoughts on “5 Tips to Look Sexy in A Wrap Dress

  1. Debra, I came across this site by accident, I am a 48 year old man and I totally appreciate your views. May I say your pic shows me you have nailed the true beauty after 40 thing. To be honest I think I would have pegged you for being in mid to upper 30’s . I agree clothes can make a lady and depending on age this does change in how you utilize them. I have seen incredibly beautiful ladies who have totally ruined that with the way they had dressed.

    1. Hi Elena,
      I think the best wrap dresses are by the original designer of the wrap- Diane Von Furstenberg. You can find them at major department stores. If you want a less expensive version Banana Republic always has lots. Cheers! Deb

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