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Capsule Wardrobe Style – New Outfits from Your Same Old Wardrobe

Sometimes all you need to freshen up your wardrobe is a few pieces to mix and match. Have you ever heard of a wardrobe capsule?

That’s a collection of a few garments that can be put together in many ways to create lots of outfits.

Capsules reinvent your wardrobe. They make it easy to dress because:

  • Everything goes with everything, so it takes no time to pull an outfit together
  • They save you money. You don’t buy something once and never wear it again.

You can have several capsules in your wardrobe. For example, one for casual wear, one for work, one for an evening out, etc. This one is for work. Take a look at the pieces from L.K. Bennett.

Each of these pieces works with one another, and there is nothing that does not match. You can wear the:

1)     Navy Pants + Print Top

2)     Navy Pants + Red Sweater

3)     Navy Pants + Pink Top

4)     Floral Skirt +  Print Top

5)     Floral Skirt +  Red Sweater

6)     Floral Skirt  + Pink Top

7)     Floral Skirt +  Floral Top

8)     Navy Pants + Navy Jacket + Pink Top

9)     Navy Pants + Pink Top + Red Sweater

10)   Navy Pants + Floral Top + Navy Jacket

11)    Navy Pants + Floral Top + Red Sweater

12)   Floral Skirt + Navy Jacket + Pink Top

13)   Floral Skirt + Pink Top + Red Sweater

14)   Floral Skirt + Floral Top + Navy Jacket

15)   Floral Skirt + Floral Top + Red Sweater

Ready to Give it a try?

Here are some basic guidelines for creating capsules:

• Begin your capsule with quality basics like a jacket, pants, or skirt

• Choose three colors and work around them

• Solid color items mix easier than patterned ones

• A few prints can link solids

• Stay away from trendy items or items with too much embellishment that may go out of style next year

• Aim for items in year-round fabrics as they will give you the most use out of your clothes

• No two capsule items should be the same style i.e., two pencil skirts

• Don’t worry about everything matching or going with everything else. Each piece need only work with three others

• Avoid including items that are too trendy or too stand-alone

Chic on The CheapRemember, the more classic the style, the more easily mixable it will be. Fussy or busy styles will require that the item be worn with only a certain skirt or a certain jacket, and what we’re looking for is versatility!

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4 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe Style – New Outfits from Your Same Old Wardrobe

  1. Thanks for the helpful ideas. I usually figure out in my mind what I’m going to wear to the office while I’m in the shower…this might save me time and water!

  2. Making new outfits from same old wardrobe was very helpful and a lot more economic. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas, I love all your suggestions Deborah, Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Good Morning: I really enjoy your web site and just checked out your Spring Trend report.
    Unfortunately, there is nothing there that I would consider wearing. Being 5’2″, I don’t feel those styles would be suitable for me nor age appropriate (77). I’m more into the classic mode of dress with accessories adding the punch. Were I younger, I might have been tempted by some of them. I need a “stylish after short seventy” article………C.

  4. This was a great article. I am constantly mixing and matching my basic Misook along with new items. When I travel, my suitcase is full of everything Misook.

    Too bad my son was not nominated for Best Cinematographer for ’12 YEARS a SLAVE”. i had already figured out which Misook items were going with MOI to the Oscars. Oh well, there is always next year.