Perforated Fashion Trend – A Cut Above!

I like solid colors and clean lines, but sometimes that can get boring if you don’t throw in a little twist. The newest new way to add dimension to an understated look is with perforated clothing.

Deborah Boland -perforated peach top

I touched on perforated tops when I wrote about eyelets. Laser cut pieces with geometric cut-outs are the new, hip version of the eyelet.

Perforated clothes give off a sporty vibe, making you look fresh and youthful.  Plus, all those holes are great for midlife gals who want clothes with coverage (I.e., sleeves), but who also want to keep cool.

Deborah Boland - perforated laser cut top

I found this cute, peach-perforated crop top at Banana Republic  ( sold out now) and I just love the way it looks with my dark jeans. (Haggar Canada Dream Jeans). 

I’ve been wearing my top with a nude camisole underneath; that’s one way to do it. Another way is to layer it with a colored tank or shirt and leave the bottom hanging out.  Often you see celebrities wearing perforated tops with no lining and just a bra, ( I don’t need that kind of attention.)

orange perforated tops

short mess tee,  orange double v tank

I took a look on the web to see what’s new in perforated clothes, and here’s what I came up with.  The two tops are similar to mine and cute too!

ombre perforated top

This perforated peach top is a bit longer than mine, and it has ombre shading which is interesting.

white peforated top

There also seems to be a lot of white perforated tops out there. This is a lovely white tunic. The perforation is just at the shoulder. It’s nice and subtle.

perforated jackets

I like this blue jersey tee worn over a white camisole. It really shows off the mesh. Perforated leather jackets are big for spring, especially in these pastel colors. The grid pattern adds some beautiful texture to a smooth or silky top.

taupe perforated slingback
pink perforated sneaker uggs

Perforated shoes were everywhere. I’m in love with this Adam Tucker taupe suede slingback and this pink perforated sneaker. I bet the sneaker is comfy. It’s from Uggs.  ( yes, really!) It also comes in a gorgeous desert sand color and black.

Perforated Bags are an easy peasy way to add some pizzazz to your outfit. There are lots out there; This Prim perforated bag is kind of different with the big florals and modern perforated pattern.

This color-blocked mesh bag is fun too! This would look great with an all-white or all-black outfit.

blue striped perforated bag

So there you go! Take a look at these punchy pieces and tell me what you think. Have you bought any perforated clothing or accessories yet?

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6 thoughts on “Perforated Fashion Trend – A Cut Above!

  1. I just found your blog yesterday, and I am enjoying it. I am a bit shocked by some of the comments I’ve read! It seems evident that telling people it is ok to wear shorts on Labor Day is simply an acknowledgment that some women choose never to wear shorts no matter how hot it is – not body shaming. And the pictures here are correlated to the links to buy the shown items. How ridiculous to ask someone whose blog is provided for free to purchase every item and shoot a different picture just so the model is over 40…

    (I am 47, and yes – I think I’ll wear shorts today – haha!)

    Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks again for such an informative blog!

  2. I like your style with the perforated top and leather jacket. I agree with the lady; please, more pictures from women our age – over 40plus – thank you for your great articles.
    Greetings from Germany – Martina (a Lady over 50)

  3. Every piece I see around these parts is tacky like they came from a third-world street corner in a 3rd world country. Guess you got luckier.

  4. Stop showing me 25-year-olds (although I love them, I have a niece that age) with flat stomachs. I need to know what to do w/ my 55-year-old stomach. Thanks.

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