How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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Today I’m focusing on style and the Pisces woman, part of my How to Dress for Your Zodiac Sign series.

‘A true dreamer’ best describes the Pisces woman, born between February 19th – March 20th. She is mysterious, spiritual, romantic and draws from a deep well of emotion and intuition. The Pisces woman is insightful. She looks for – and finds – deeper meaning in every interaction.

Compassionate, intuitive, artistic, and wise all describe the Pisces woman.

Famous Pisces Women Over 40 

Famous Pisces women over 40

Glenn Close, Vanessa Williams, Sharon Stone, Cindy Crawford

Pisces Style

  • Soft and feminine, sometimes with a whimsical flair
  • Eye-catching but never over-the-top
  • Flowing silhouettes
  • Perfectly suited for pastels

How to dress like a Pisces: casual

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Casual Pisces

True romantics at heart, it’s not surprising that the Pisces woman would be drawn to this feminine outfit. Over-40 gals who gravitate towards a romantic style aesthetic need to walk a bit of a careful line, embracing their romantic side while not coming across as too junior. This outfit is the perfect way to pull it off.

Keeping the overall color palette pale and pretty, I’ve started with a feminine and floaty, pale-blue off-the-shoulder tie-cuff blouse that lets you show a bit of skin without revealing too much. Next, I popped in a pair of white jeans, but you could just as easily wear your trusty blue jeans, accenting them with these sweet loafer mules in this fresh and unexpected rose shade. And of course, don’t forget pretty jewelry and accessories.

The overall look is soft, romantic and sophisticated, perfect for the over-40 Pisces gal.


How to dress if you are a Pisces

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Dressy Pisces

The romantic vibe keeps rolling right along with this dress Pisces look. This dress is a great example of one of the Pisces style-traits I mentioned above, namely eye-catching but not over-the-top.

The color and sheer floral lace give it a vintage vibe that makes it stand out in a very fashionable way. You want a dress like this to stand on its own so don’t overpower it with accessories. A nude pair of shoes, classic-with-a-twist pearl earrings, and a soft bag is plenty. This would be a lovely outfit for a spring wedding.

Are you a Pisces? Can you see yourself in either one of these outfits? What else should we know about Pisces?

And if you’re wondering about how to dress for your own zodiac sign, type your sign in the search bar or click here and scroll to the bottom for a list of all the signs.

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3 thoughts on “How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Pisces

  1. I think of myself as a typical pisces.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with these styles you chose – I just wish my lifestyle worked for these pretty fabrics and delicate colours – so lovely.
    I own/run a retail store, historical, boutique hotel and wholesale business.
    My problem is that I’m drawn to clothes like the above but I need more basic pieces – stylish but VERY practical.
    Love your blog posts!

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