Rewardstyle Conference: 2018 – The Highlights

I just got back from a really fun business trip to Dallas, Texas, and wanted to share a few photos!

I was there for the rewardStyle conference, an invitation-only event for the top 200 bloggers in the rewardStyle affiliates network. For those of you not familiar with RewardStyle, it is a company that helps me connect you to all the fashion brands and products I feature on the blog.

This was my fourth year going, and it is always a thrill. I’m at my computer so much that it’s really exciting to get out and meet other style influencers, as well as learn what’s trending in the blogging world. Here are some of the highlights:

#rsthecon Deborah Boland Maria Sadler

The Bloggers

Three years ago, I met Maria from @lookingstylish at rS, and our friendship has grown. Maria is from England, and it is always a pleasure to see her smiling face and chat about how we can serve our readers. This year we did some great shopping, had a lot of fun at the parties and enjoyed some fabulous dinners. ( I found out we share a love of mashed potatoes au gratin!) Here we are ( above) at the opening night pool party.

#rsthecon synchronized swimmers

rewardStyle had the cutest synchronized swimmers perform a sassy little routine in the pool to entertain us!

rs the con 2018 Deborah Boland Erin Busbee

Erin Busbee from @busbeestyle was also there, and she is the sweetest gal. I love her style and so enjoyed chatting with her about blogging.

rsthecon bloggers over 40

The Parties

The gang at RewardStyle love their parties. We were treated to 2 amazing luncheons and three fabulous evening parties in all, sponsored by brands like Banana Republic, Sole Society, and Supergoop.  Here’s me with @beautifullyseaside, @lisajmakeup, @busbeestyle, and @lookinstylish at the Express cocktail party. It was a gorgeous night, and we all had a ball at the Fiesta-themed party.

rs the con Kendra Scott Jewlery Deborah Boland

The  Brands

In between workshops and parties, I attended some brand meetings. I got to meet directly with some of my favorites like Ann Taylor, Colleen Rothschild, Mary Kay, and L’Occitane

They handed out all kinds of fabulous swag at the brand suites in the networking hall, including a  stunning giant pink cocktail ring from Kendra Scott. Here’s me above at the special yellow Kendra Scott booth. Kendra Scott is one of my favorite brands ( I have a ton of her jewelry).

What made it so special was that Kendra was a speaker at the event. She talked about her rise to the top, never taking no for an answer, said, “If you are doing what everyone else is doing, you have already failed.”  What an inspiration!

Of course, there were lots of other fabulous goodies like a gorgeous personalized bag from The Daily Edited, plus things from  Modcloth and Spell &The Gypsy, and many more. They gifted us with some useful accessories to have around when you are shooting outfits and need to put finishing touches on a look.

#rsthecon Deborah Boland Jillian Harris

The Workshops

This year the focus was on mobile. rewardStyle talked about how the average person is on their phone 5 hours a day and how everyone is now viewing blogs and purchasing clothing on their phones, rather than via their desktops. They also touched on how social media is changing because of the Facebook fiasco and the rise of rewardStyle’s as a platform for shopping.

This reminded me that I must do a post on and how you can now create a shopping wishlist there. So few of you know about this great shopping app that puts all my collages and outfits all in one place for you to shop easily.

The Celebs

There were a few internet stars at the workshops, and I got to meet a vibrant (and very pregnant) one you may know. Jillian Harris from the TV show The Bachelor was there to talk about branding and her trendy blog. We bonded over the fact that she is also from Canada, and she joked about how she may soon be visiting my blog since, in just over a year, she will be turning 40!

I’m ready and waiting for you, Jillian!

All in all, it was a great few days. Thanks, rewardStyle. It was an honor to attend!

I am looking forward to next year!

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4 thoughts on “Rewardstyle Conference: 2018 – The Highlights

  1. Loved seeing your pics and hearing about the conf. I’m sure it was fun but it must be stressful to plan your outfits when you know your going to be around all those fashionable women. I love Jillian! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Gloria,
      Jillian was a doll. She was so friendly and real. I’m so glad I got the chance to meet her and hear about her rise to the top. The first year I went to RewardStyle, it was super stressful, but once I saw what a very, very wide range of outfits everyone wore, I just went with my gut. I think that’s the best advice I’d give to anyone. When you wear something you love, you automatically look and feel confident.
      Cheers, Deb

  2. Great post Deborah! Thanks for letting us go to the conference with you – :) All your outfits look great. I am going to have to have my kids set me up on Instagram for the Red Coral contest, that shawl is to die for! Question, what if you used white as the column? I am thinking white jeans and a white shirt with a jacket?

    1. Hi Joanne,
      All white would certainly work as well to give you that long slimming column of color, and think how gorgeous the fuchsia would look next to that hot pink. Stunning! I’m so excited about the wrap. I wear wraps all the time especially when I travel. This is perfect for that. Cheers, Deborah

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