Here’s Proof Snakeskin Booties are the Perfect Transitional Footwear!

I’ve started to pack up my winter boots, and I’m dreaming about cute, strappy sandals in light, bright colors.  But, before I can start wearing those, I need something for right now. What do you wear during this weird transitional period when it’s still too cold for open-toe shoes but feels too spring-like to wear dark, heavy boots?

snakeskin booties by Steve Madden | Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

These cute Steve Madden snakeskin booties are the answer! They’re great for bridging the style gap between winter and spring. Take a look!

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I’m a huge fan of booties, and I wear them all the time with my jeans. Flat shoes are nice, but a pair of cute booties like these put a pep in my step, give me height and, frankly, make my legs look great.

Steve Madden snakeskin booties worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

Even though I’ve had my eye on snakeskin booties for a while, I’ve never owned a pair until now.  These cute black and white snakeskin booties (which read light gray) are very much like leopard print since they’re considered neutral and work with most everything.

I especially like the dipped sides, which create a stylish cutout V-shape and give these booties a more warm-weather feel. As for the height, they’re perfect. They’re medium-high, easy to walk in, and very comfy, I’d say.

womens snakeskin booties worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

I’ve discovered two easy ways to style my these faux snakeskin booties for this transitional period.  The first way is to wear them with black jeans.  Naturally, you can wear them with blue jeans, but I love how these booties pop with black.

Take a pair of skinny black jeans and add a neutral sweater, like this taupe cashmere mock neck, for a beautifully coordinated look. The neutral tones keep the snake print in check, so the vibe is sophisticated and not overly edgy.

Womens snakeskin booties worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

I really love the toes on these booties.  A pointy toe is always chicer than a rounded toe, but sometimes when they are too pointy, they are so narrow they pinch your toes. These are a good middle ground – pointy but also gently rounded – the perfect shape.


Snake print ankle booties worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

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Here’s outfit # 2.  Do you see what I’ve done? It’s spring, so I’ve found a way to ease into white jeans by wearing them with my black and white snakeskin booties.  All you do is take your favorite white jeans, add a black sweater or blouse, and slip-on snakeskin booties for a fabulous transitional look.

Faux snakeskin booties worn by Deborah Boland| Fabulous After 40

The classic combination of black and white is chic and seasonless, so even though there’s still a touch of snow on the ground, you won’t look or feel out of place in white pants thanks to these booties that tie the whole look together.

Snakeskin booties Steve Madden worn by Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

I also love the way my snake print booties add an exotic touch to this outfit. By keeping my look classic and neutral, my booties stand out and give it that wow factor!

White Snakeskin booties women | Deborah Boland | Fabulous After 40

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Here’s one last look at my Steve Madden Snakeskin booties worn with my transitional puffer coat. I’m dressed kind of half winter/half spring, but it totally works!

If you don’t know what to wear on your feet this time of year, check out these fabulous black and white snakeskin booties. They’re super chic and will tie you over until it warm enough to start painting your toenails and slipping into summer slides.  The shop the look links are above.

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