Are Thin Down Jackets Warm?

Are thin down jackets warm? To answer that, let me tell you about my mine.

thin down jacket - Deborah Boland

At the beginning of last spring, I picked up this chic, cream-colored Soia + Kyo down jacket from Nordstrom. It was March, and here in Toronto in March, it’s nice and sunny, but it’s still pretty cold out. I was itching to get out my winter parka and into a lighter jacket, but it was too cold for a spring jacket. And bingo, I happened upon this thin down jacket.

Soia and Kyo thin down jacket - Deborah Boland

I love the color, and the “Jacinda” style is perfect. It’s a long jacket ( covers my bottom), it’s lightweight and very fitted. It has a beautiful hood with an asymmetrical closure and rib storm cuffs with thumbholes.

This light down jacket is similar to my beautiful Mackage winter parka, which is no surprise because Soia and Kyo is a sister company to Mackage. Both parkas have so much style for utilitarian winter jackets!

light thin parka - Deborah Boland

I bought this coat on the spot, took it home, and began wearing it instantly. It’s fantastic and so warm!!

Soia + Kyo down jacket - Deborah Boland

I walk every morning, and this simple, beautiful coat is my go-to jacket. It’s so light, it’s a joy to walk in, it’s fitted, so it gives me a great shape, and it’s thin, but it keeps me totally comfortable and not all cold. I wear it in the spring, I’ve worn it in the fall, and I’ve even worn it in winter.

What I love best about it is that it is so lightweight.  I can roll it up in a ball, throw it in my suitcase and take it with me when I travel, in case it gets cold. It hardly weighs anything at all.

Soia and Kyo thin down coat - Deborah Boland

I checked with Soia + Kyo about how warm this jacket will keep you. It’s good up to -5°C / 23°F. So there you have it. This coat is a winner, warm, comfy, and ultra-chic. If you can find one, you will fall in love with it too!

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