10 Cute and Comfy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Whether Thanksgiving dinner is at your place and you’re the chief-cook-and-bottle-washer, or you’re going out to visit friends or family, you want to look polished and pulled together, even if your Thanksgiving celebration leans a little more to the casual side. If you’re wondering what to wear, here are some cute and comfy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas.

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5 Fave Jeans & What To Wear Them With This Fall

When it comes to jeans, everybody has their favorites. From distressed, slouchy boyfriend jeans to dark wash, high-waisted skinny jeans and everything in between, there’s a style of jeans to suit every personality. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, a few new styles of fall jeans have arrived that are pretty exciting. Here’s a look at five fave jeans and what to wear them this season.


How To Wear Slit Boot Cut Jeans outfit with white sweater and booties | Fabulous After 40 | Deborah Boland



If you like classic jeans that are slim in the leg but not skin tight, then bootcut jeans are for you. This pair goes one step further by having fashion-forward slits up the front. As with all jeans, the darker the denim, the more slimming and elegant it is. These jeans look rich and classy, but the subtle release hem also keeps them looking youthful and zippy.

Try wearing these jeans with a gorgeous pair of tall, suede ankle booties, a chunky sweater, and a pretty scarf, and you will look wow!

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3 Ways to Wear Skinny Jeans Over 40

Love skinny jeans?  If you are looking for some fresh ways to look fab in skinny jeans, then here are a few new trends you may want to incorporate. Let’s take a look:

Off the Shoulder - Cream with Grey


Baring your shoulders is trendy and subtlety sexy too. One of the best ways to wear a sweater like this is with a pair of stretchy, skinny jeans. The wide turned down cowl neck on this nubby pastel sweater creates the illusion of a broader shoulder. When you wear skinny jeans with a broad-shouldered top, you get an inverted triangle effect that makes your hips look small in comparison to your top half.

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Fall Ankle Booties Styled 4 Ways

Hi Ladies!  I’m super excited to be collaborating with three fabulous blogger friends: Jo-Lynne from Jo-Lynne Shane, Cyndi from Grace + Beauty and Cathy from The Middle Page.

Ankle booties are such a key fall wardrobe staple that today we’re bringing you 4 different ways to wear them. Take a look at my outfit, and then pop over to their blogs to see more great bootie styling ideas.

If you are new to my blog, Welcome! I’m Deborah, and I’m here to help you Tweak Your Chic and Look Fabulous After 40, 50 and more!


This time of year I’m itching to wear booties, but it’s still quite warm out. So, when I spotted these suede cutout Booties, I thought they were the perfect solution. Why? They are a gorgeous, warm taupe shade which transitions really well from one season to the next. Continue reading “Fall Ankle Booties Styled 4 Ways”


Crisscross Sweater and Skinny Jeans – New for Fall!

The kids will be back to school soon, and my eldest son Harrison is off to University!  Where has the time gone? I’m sure going to miss him!

I’ve already started to get that “empty nest” feeling and a sudden urge to reorganize my house, clean out my closet, and buy myself some nice, new fall clothes.  So today I’m teaming up with Nordstrom to show you a cute sweater and jeans outfit I just picked up, that is perfect for my mature mom lifestyle.

wine tunic deb standing in leaves - Criss Cross Sweater for Women

One of the great things about living up North is we actually get four seasons. After wearing a lot of white this summer, it’s exciting to slip into some deep, vibrant autumn shades. I love anything red, so when I was browsing Nordstrom for fall tops, this gorgeous wine-colored sweater caught my eye. Similar top here.

Red tunic - Crisscross Sweater for Women

This is the Crisscross Sweater by Free People, which is a new brand for me. Besides the fabulous color, I was also drawn to the cool style. I like simplicity: clean lines, modern details, an elegant look. This sweater has it all.

Red tunic - Crisscross Sweater for Women

I also really like the tunic style. It’s very slimming and makes me look long and lean. And that crisscross neckline… It’s youthful and a tad sexy too! When I tried on this top for the first time, I looked in the mirror; my eyes lit up, and I did a little wiggle. I’ve got to admit I  felt hip and hot!

When you study it, you’ll see there’s a 70’s boho vibe to the sweater, but it’s not overboard. It’s just enough to make things interesting, which suits me just fine.

Wine tunic sleeve and bangles - Crisscross Sweater for Women

Did you notice the sleeves? They have slits in them, which creates a bell sleeve effect that makes you want to wave your hands and wear a giant cocktail ring or some dangly bracelets. (LOL) Very fun!

For this shoot, I decided to accessorize the top with these gorgeous Kendra Scott Lucca Gold Bangles ( They come in silver too).  Kendra is truly a star in the costume jewelry world; Her designs are modern, and pretty reasonably priced also. Take a closer look at the Kendra Scott jewelry line, sold at Nordstrom.

Crisscross sweater tunics for women

I love a good skinny jean. Paige is my favorite brand, and I’m all over these new Hoxton High Rise Skinny Jeans.  These are higher waisted than any jeans I have worn in years, and I thank the fashion world they’ve finally come back in style! They’re so comfy, and with all that stretch, it’s like having built-in shapewear. This color is “Black Shadow.”

Crisscross Sweater tunics for women

Now we get to the shoes, my absolute favorite part of this shopping haul. These open toe booties are from Kate Spade, and they are adorable! Suede, a beautiful Red Chestnut color, (they come in 4 other colors too), and that chic woodgrain block heel!

Suede shoes - Crisscross Sweater Tunics for Women

Gorgeous! And you are not going to believe how comfortable they are. Right out of the box, I decided I was going to keep them even if they weren’t perfectly comfy because they were so darn cute, but you know what?


They are the comfiest heels I have. I adore them, and I’ve been telling everyone to pick up a pair. Every once in a while, you get lucky.

Wine Tunic Crisscross Sweater

So that’s my outfit. I can wear it just about anywhere, which is what my lifestyle demands. Come to think of it; this would be a cute outfit to wear when I visit my son at his new University in a couple of months! Do check out Nordstrom for details on the Crisscross Top and more cute fall finds or shop the look via the links below.


This post was sponsored by Nordstrom, and contains affiliate links. To learn more, see my page on: Blog Monetization and Disclosure.


Chic Combinations for Colored Jeans

Need some ideas for what to wear with your colored jeans this summer? Here’s a look at the shades and styles that are trending right now.


Sky Blue Jeans and Lace-Up Top

Blue is a top trending color for spring, and it looks so dreamy paired with white. Continue reading “Chic Combinations for Colored Jeans”


Best Ways to Wear Red Skinny Jeans

I’ve had a lot of questions about what to wear with red skinny jeans, so here’s a look. When Red Skinny Jeans first became popular a few years ago, and I know many of you wondered if you really could wear colored jeans after 40 and beyond?

Red jeans seemed so bold, so “out there” compared to what you were used to. But now, they’ve become mainstream.

How can you wear them so you look classy and not trashy? This outfit is a great example. Why?



If we break this outfit down, you’ll see that the pants pop.  The rest of the outfit is very dark and neutral which keeps the look chic.  That’s they key. Can you imagine these red pants with a bright yellow top, electric blue shoes and a colorful print bag? Many women would feel like they belonged in a kindergarten classroom with all those bright blocks of color, especially over 40.

Dark colors quiet things down and add the cool factor to a fun pair of jeans. Black isn’t your only option. Any neutral such as white, cream, gray, navy or brown would work just as well. For example:


deborah boland red jeans

Here I am in red pants and a cream colored cable knit sweater. The cream cools down the red. It also helps that these jeans are a deeper shade of red to begin with.

deborah boland red jeans white dvf sweater

I could have worn red or black shoes, but I wanted a little more fun, so I added these zippered suede flats. They’re a dark, rich shade of green.

Deborah Boland Red skinny jeans

Even though these jeans are a strong color, they look elegant. It’s what you wear with your red jeans with that counts. I’ve kept my jewelry to a simple necklace, because when you have one powerful piece of clothing like these red pants, you don’t want anything else fighting for attention.



Do you wear red jeans? If so, how? Check out how these bloggers wear their red skinny jeans.


Jean Trends

Are skinny jeans still in? Have boyfriend jeans been replaced? What’s the coolest denim this spring? If these questions leave you scratching your head, then it’s probably time to update your jeans.

Here’s a look at the latest jean trends for spring and some popular styles that are holding their own + ideas for what to wear with them.


Latest girlfriend jeans trends 2015


Skinny, tapered jeans that end at the ankle or just above it have been #1 for a long time and for the most part, I’ve loved them. The problem has been trying to find a pair that comes anywhere close to my belly button.

Most of the time skinny jeans are so low-rise that my tummy is spilling over the waistband, and my backside is hanging out because they keep slipping down. There’s no way to disguise a muffin top, and I’m sick of constantly tugging up my pants! Continue reading “Jean Trends”

Fashion bloggers over 40

40+ Bloggers Show Off Their Mom Style

If you are a 40+ mom stuck in the rut of wearing yoga pants and an oversized tee, then this post should inspire you.

Take a look a these three hip, over 40, fashion & beauty bloggers who show you that mom chic is easier to achieve than you might think.

how-to-wear-colored-jeans-over-40 -  lemon zest jacket

Say Yes to Yellow

Janise, the mother of twin boys, says she always makes the effort to look fabulous because it makes her feel good.

Recently she snuck away on date with her husband to a French bistro and this is what she wore. Janise paired skinny gray jeans with a bold black and white striped top and then punched up the look with a bright yellow, lemon zest jacket.
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What to Wear With Grey Skinny Jeans: 5 Great Outfits

I’ve covered how to pull off an Equestrian look with skinny brown jeans in my skinny jeans series, pairing your skinny jeans with a leather jacket and skinny jeans with a cozy sweater.

Today I’m sharing 5 ideas for what to wear with grey skinny jeans.

1. Grey Jeans with Pastels

Grey is a cool, neutral, and balanced color and can create a subtle, sophisticated look. This is especially true when you combine it with soft pastels,  like this light peach off-the-shoulder sweater. Soft pink and soft blue also compliments grey jeans, and of course, white is always super fresh.

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7 Ways to Tastefully Wear Leggings or Skinny Jeans Over 40

Leggings are casual, comfy, and perfect for the 40+ lifestyle. But how do you wear them in a way that doesn’t make you look 1) heavy or 2) like you are desperate to be young. Check out these stylish examples.

1. Wear Leggings or Skinny Jeans with  a Jacket

Your dressing goal for wearing leggings or skinny pants is to create a slimming silhouette that is wide at the top and narrows all the way down to your ankles. A jacket with strong shoulders and that nips in at the waist will instantly give you a fabulous shape.

How to Wear Leggings over 40 | Twiggy in black leggings and sparkly jacket

You can wear any color or style of jacket you like. This one happens to be sparkly. A jacket is a no-brainer way to achieve this look. You see, as we age, our shoulders start to slump and round, and our whole body gets softer and curvier. A jacket gives your body structure, the same way a clothes hanger gives a flimsy t-shirt structure.

Leggings Over 40 | Kim Cattrall Black leggings, floral long top

A long jacket that ends at your waist is the most flattering if you have some weight around your midsection that you want to conceal, or you can wear a shorter moto jacket like the one above layered with a long top underneath. No matter which jacket you choose, a jacket worn with leggings or skinny pants is very sophisticated.


Leggings over 40 | Jeri Ryan Leather leggings and draped top

2.  Wear Leggings with a Top that Drapes

When you wear something tight and skinny on the bottom,  you need to wear something that is a little looser and wider up top to balance things out. For example, If you’ve ever wondered what to wear with leather leggings, here is a great example. This elegantly draped top works beautifully with the buttery soft leather pants to create a classy, but relaxed feel. Jeri is very slim so she can get away with this top being shorter, but if you have a tummy or bigger hips or thighs then, by all means, wear a longer top that covers your bum!


Leggings over 40 | Meryl Streep Leggings and red top


Also, If you are going to wear a shorter top like this with leggings, make sure your leggings are thick (Ponte fabric), almost like pants. The leggings Meryl Streep re wearing are a good example. You don’t want to look like you are wearing stockings and forgot your pants! Too much information and that’s embarrassing. You know what I mean!

Leggings over 40 | Angie Harmon, black leggings and heels

3.  Wear Leggings with Sexy Heels

Not sure what shoes to wear with leggings? By day, for running around in, ballet flats are fab with skinny jeans and leggings. However, for evening, when you want a sexy look, a killer pair of heels will make you look hot. Choose pointy-toed pumps or strappy high heel sandals like these in the same color as your skinny pants to lengthen your leg, or you could also pick a nude shoe.

I think these black cutout heels are a perfect choice for this outfit. So chic. Not skinny Minnie like Angie Harmon? Just wear a longer, slightly looser top, and you can still look like a star.

Leggings over 40| Rosanna Arquette Gray leggings, long tunic top

4. Wear Leggings With Long Top or Tunic

Here we go. This is what I’ve been talking about. Here is a longer, looser top worn with thick leggings. Now you could go with an even longer top if you wanted. If you are self-conscious about your thighs. A couple of inches above the knee would look fine too.

As far as color goes, one of my readers was asking what to wear with grey leggings, this is a great look to copy. Rosanna Arquette has paired her grey leggings, not with black (which would have been very predictable) but with graduated shades of nude. It’s a very understated, modern look you might want to try.

Leggings over 40 | Reba McEntire in black leggings and black tall boots.

5. Wear Leggings with Tall Boots

When flats make you feel short and high heels feel like hell, a tried and true recipe for what to wear with leggings is a high boot. Tall boots with low or flat heels look fab with leggings and skinny jeans and will make you feel sexy and hip.

Reba McEntire has the right idea about what to wear with leggings and boots. She’s chosen a cute fitted jacket that nips in the waist, to make her look slim and complete her look.

Leggings over 40 | Maria Menounos in black cardigan paired with skinny jeans.

6. Cardigans are Classy

Sometimes you don’t want to wear something as formal or structured as a jacket, so a cardigan is a good option. This cropped cardigan is a cute item to pair with leggings or skinny jeans and a top to look lady-like. Notice that all the detail at the shoulders and collar give this cardigan visual width the way a jacket would. You get the same slimming effect as a jacket.
Leggings over 40 | Lynda Carter- black leggings, black jacket

7. Monochromatic Makes the Grade

If you want to look slim, wearing skinny jeans, then dress in all one color from head to toe. One streak of color or monochromatic tone-on-tone dressing tricks the eye creating a long thin line that makes you look taller and slimmer.

This monochromatic outfit on Lynda Carter creates a vertical line that has a slimming effect. Stars! They know all the tricks!

Jeans to Hide a Big Tummy

Dear Deborah,

I was hoping you could tell me where I could purchase the perfect pair of jeans. I have a wide flat butt and a bit of a pooch.Tired of searching if you could lead me in a direction that would be great.Thanks, Mona

high waisted “MOM” jeans

Where does a modern midlife mama find a decent pair of jeans these days?

They’re either cut so low that your jelly belly hangs out and it feels like they may slip off your behind if you sit down too fast, or….

They’re cut so ridiculously high that they remind you of the ultra boring mom jeans that make you look like Frump of The Year.

Thank Goodness for Not Your Daughter’s Jeans.

NYDJ is best known as the makers of the original Tummy Tuck Jean®, and has been seen on Oprah.

jeans come in a variety of  body friendly styles and have a unique crisscross  panel that promises to flatten your tummy, lift your butt and allow you to wear one size smaller. (sounds like a girdle, but hey, if it works…)

Choose Your Cut Wisely

Boot Cut Jeans – Very popular cut. Great for balancing out the hips and suits almost any body.
Straight Leg Jeans – this classic shape is perfect for petite woman but also great paired back with longer style tops.
Trouser Wider-Leg Style – Great for tall women and streamlines your look. Minimises the hip and thigh area.

Two Fingers Test

When you try on a pair of stretch jeans, they should be snug enough so you can just fit two fingers down the back waist of your jeans. If the back waist is too loose your stretch jeans will be baggy after the first hour.