Say Hello to a Tiered Sundress this Summer!

Trend Alert! Although long, flowy, tiered dresses are all the rage this summer, a maxi may not be your cup of tea. So here’s a darling short-tiered sundress I’m crazy about, with a similar vibe but a more perky feel! Take a look!green ruffle hem dress

When it’s hot and sticky, and I want to be comfy and cool, it’s nice to have a cute sundress to slip into. I tend to wear a lot of t-shirts, or shift-style sundresses, but this tiered one caught my eye.

Green tiered dress

I don’t know if it’s the color, style, or both, but this dress just seems so modern. The tiers give it a feminine, laid-back boho vibe that’s very popular this summer, but the short length and the color keep it from looking hippie-dippie or old lady!

Don’t you love this stunning Emerald green shade? It gives the dress life! It’s fresh and youthful and makes you look bold, not old. I’m not the only one who thinks this about green, and here’s why. Every time I post something in Emerald green, it sells out. It’s gorgeous alright, but so it the hot pink and the electric blue this dress also comes in. Honestly, it was really hard to choose which one to get! I love them all.

green dress chicos

As far as comfort, this green-tiered sundress is cotton, so it’s light and soft. The cotton has a bit of a crumpled look, which gives it some nice texture, but it doesn’t make the dress look sloppy. I love those 3/4 length roll-tab sleeves. You get great upper arm coverage, but you look sporty and hip.

green tiered dress chicos

As with any solid-colored sundress, accessories add a lot! I think beachy style accessories that are casual and natural look best with a relaxed sundress. I’ve paired this with a fabulous Ikat tote with the cutest blue tassels, wood bead bracelets, and some fun slides with lots of cute detail and a fringed border.

That’s one thing I appreciate about Chicos. I can get a whole look in one place. I don’t have time to shop all over for items that match!

tiered green dress chicos

There’s the look. And no, I am not on vacation on some tropical island, although this would make a great vacation outfit!! This is just me down by the shores of Lake Ontario, where I live.

tiered dress chicos

So get your feet wet. Try something new, cute and perky. This casual, comfy tiered sundress is calling your name. Check it out and the accessories too, and enjoy your summer.

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