Burgundy is Fabulous for Fall

A darker version of red is popular for fall. Shades of Burgundy, Merlot, Oxblood, and Crimson are the focal point of many of this season’s fashions. These deep red shades are very chic for mature women.  Here’s how I’ve been wearing these fabulous, rich shades lately.

Deborah wearing navy print blouse

A beautiful burgundy wrap looks stunning with this navy print blouse.

Deborah smiling

This burgundy crisscross top is more like Oxblood. It’s burgundy with some brown on it.

burgundy bell sleeve sweatshirt

A burgundy sweatshirt with bell sleeves has an adventurous, romantic feel.

Deborah with burgundy cardigan and tank

This burgundy cardigan and tank look great when you add a touch of animal print!

Deborah with burgundy sweater dress

This dress is not quite wine and not quite burgundy. That’s the beautiful thing about burgundy. There are so many shades, and all of them look so classy. A burgundy sweater dress is always so elegant.


Deborah burgundy ribbed sweater with shades

A burgundy ribbed sweater pairs well with my leather fringe skirt.


Deborah with burgundy sweater posing in a tree

Burgundy color blocking! Burgundy and rust come together for a fabulous fall wrap. Are you a fan of burgundy?


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9 thoughts on “Burgundy is Fabulous for Fall

  1. You do a great job of showing various sizes and shapes of women in your examples. Perhaps take a look at Chico’s catalog–their models are still stick thin but are not 12 (or even 25). Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Hi Linda,
    Yes, you are correct that… we use these photos as examples because those stores are plus-size models, and we like to show various body types! It is tough to find clothes on models that aren’t 14 and stick thin! Thanks, though, for your feedback!

  3. I bought a lovely tweed-like burgundy skirt from Talbots. I have a burgundy/red sweater to wear with it, or a black shell & jacket. I’m looking forward to getting a lot of wear from it.

    1. Hi Flybabymom! Good for you!!! Please send me a photo; I want to see it!!! Isn’t it easy to pick a “fashion color” and then make an outfit with it? Try pairing your burgundy with other colors, like mixing up red and burgundy or burgundy and pink; it can be an exciting new “neutral”!

  4. Thanks for the suggestion to look at Milly brand dresses, but the $400 price tag tells me you may be out of touch with your readers. The more reasonably priced Karen Kane dress has limited availability. Can you recommend more dressmaker lines that are less expensive than Milly?

  5. This is Fabulous after 40 sites, yet the models in your pictures look like they’re in their 20s – if that! Come on already! Let’s get some actual age-appropriate models. Thanks!

    1. Hi Beth,
      I think I will put a disclaimer up on the site because I have answered this question so many times. (LOL) I would LOVE to use 40+ models, but as I post photos from online catalogs, no models over 25 can be found. If you come across a site that sells nice clothing shown on 40+ models, please let me know, and we will gladly offer some fashion examples. Thanks!

  6. I’m happy that you have included a picture of an actual size woman rather than just the skeletal runway models and the size six catalog models.
    Why are many of the pictures you post, and most other image consultants, of models probably wearing size eight or smaller when the average woman wears a 12/14?
    I’m not part of your target demographic.

  7. I did buy a burgundy knit dress with a rhinestone buckle at the waist. I want to switch out the hook for one without bling. That way, I could wear it for less dressy occasions, too. But like the other reader, I wonder what color shoes to wear with it. Burgundy?

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