What to Wear With Burgundy Leggings: Outfit Idea

I collect black leggings the way some women collect white shirts. I have dozens, and I wear them all the time. But recently, I came across a pair of gorgeous burgundy leggings, which have lit up my wardrobe. Take a look at how I wear them with this cute poncho.

Burgundy Leggings Oufit | Deborah Boland , Fabulous After 40

Burgundy leggings are a rare find, and this time of year, they are just what you need to look classy and to put you in the holiday mood. This pair from Ann Taylor has loads of style. They’re stretchy knit pants that feel light and comfy, but they’re sturdy and a decent thickness, more like pants than leggings.

The side zip makes them easy to pull on, and they fit smooth and soft like a glove. It’s hard to get me out of these because they are that perfect combo of chic and comfy.

How to style burgundy leggings | Deborah Boland , Fabulous After 40

Here’s what they look like from the side with that perfect crop length that plays your ankles.

What to Wear with Burgundy Leggings | Deborah Boland, Fabulous After 40

I’ve paired my leggings with this cute fringe poncho for this shoot, which also comes in charcoal and beige. I love this kind of look that’s all one color with a colorful print in the middle of my outfit to liven things up.

Burgundy poncho outfit

As you can see, that blouse is such a pretty print- a strong floral design but not overpowering. The pretty sleeves are so feminine.

What to Wear With Burgundy Leggings | Deborah Boland Fabulous After 40

This blouse is soft and flowy like a peasant top and so rich looking against the burgundy.

burgundy leather purse with burgundy leggings and burgundy suede shoes

My rope pull bag keeps this elegant look, and I’m wearing it with these ladylike pumps with the scalloped edges you’ve seen me wear before.

burgundy poncho and booties | Deborah Boland, Fabulous After 40

Now, not everyone likes a pump with a high skinny heel, so I thought it might be nice to let you have a look at my leggings and poncho outfit worn with booties. These military-inspired booties with the smart-looking row of buttons are as cute as they come. I hope you liked this look!

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7 thoughts on “What to Wear With Burgundy Leggings: Outfit Idea

  1. Seriously fantastic look on you! Yours is my favorite fashion blog, and I have gained so much inspiration from you!

    1. Agree with Lynne. It’s more of a dressy look for special occasions; however, you can wear this outfit with ballet flats or booties, as I have shown in the last photo. That’s more how I would wear them every day.

    1. Hi Rosa, Most leggings are on the thin side and not always so opaque, almost like stockings with the feet cut out. Those need to be worn with a long top; otherwise, they offer no support and reveal too much, but these leggings are sturdy, high-quality, thicker, utterly opaque material. They are skinny, stretchy knit pants. They aren’t showing like most leggings are, so you can wear them as I have. My tummy is not perfectly flat, so I chose a top that is longer than one that ends at the waist but shorter than one that ends at the thigh. You could wear these with a longer top if you feel more comfortable. I hope that helps.

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