What to Wear With Culottes This Summer

In September, I gave you some tips on what to wear with culottes in the fall. Now we are heading into hotter weather, is it any different? Here’s what to wear with culottes this summer.

What to wear with culottes | side tie t-shirt with lavender culottes

1. Causal Culottes – Try a Twist Tie Top

This summer culottes are popular for both day and night. The most casual ones come in denim or stretch cotton, and there are many bright and pastel colors. These pretty, lavender, cotton culottes have a high waist and look great with a short crop top. However, when you have a bit of a tummy (which 99% of us do), they are not very forgiving.

A popular alternative is a casual tee that knots at the side or the front and shows off part of the hight waist. The soft, gentle draping makes tops like this so much easier to wear with culottes.

Some think that culottes need to be worn with heels to look good, but when you wear casual culottes and a slim fitting tee with some shape, sneakers can look really cute.

These gray perforated sneakers match the gray top, keeping the look more color coordinated and therefore more slimming. A cute tote in similar colors also ties into this fabulous summer look.

what to wear with culottes | navy, yellow floral culottes with white wrap top, white sandals and white bag

2. Dressy Culottes – Wear a Blouse

Dressy culottes come in finer, silkier materials and are flowier than cotton culottes. This means they call for a softer, more fluid, and refined tops.

This elegant wrap style blouse in white looks beautiful with these luxurious print culottes. White is a neutral color, so doesn’t compete with the gorgeous floral print. And the wrap style is so feminine and dressy!

I’ve teamed this outfit up with white sandals and a bag for a pretty summer look that could be worn to many special functions, from a wedding shower to graduation to a special birthday party. You could even wear these culottes to work.

what to wear with culottes | v-neck top with white culottes and navy jacket

3. Work Culottes – Wear a Jacket

Speaking of work, some jobs require a jacket, the ultimate power piece. You may not have considered it, but culottes can be worn with a jacket for a polished office look. These lovely culottes with the gorgeous buckle look fabulous paired with a simple top and this executive jacket.

Wear closed-toe pumps with culottes and a jacket to a formal office setting, or classy wedge sandals to a less formal workplace, and also after work. Global-inspired accessories like a leather and wicker bag can make this outfit more summery as it starts to heat up or pair this outfit with your favorite year-round leather bag and shoes.

There are lots more ways to wear culottes this summer, and it just takes a little experimentation to see what works for you. Try some culottes on, play around, and you may discover a new style of dressing that you may not have thought would look good on you.

Check out these real life example of how to style culottes in a creative way!

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