Trending – Colorful Purses for Spring & Summer

It’s easy to light up your wardrobe this spring. Colorful purses in electric bright shades are flying off the shelves.

See the way this perky orange Tory Burch bag adds an energetic burst to this classic navy and white outfit?

I love the modern shape and the minimalistic design of this chic, elegant purse. Orange is always such a cheery color in the summer and looks fabulous with white.

Here’s a look at some other bright purses that can perk up your style at any age.

Bright Bag - Blue Rebecca Minkoff tote worn wth blue and pink floral dress | Styled by Fabulous After 40


Bold Blue Tote

A gorgeous floral print wrap dress looks even more fabulous when paired with this stunning blue bag from Rebecca Minkoff. Color is energy, and energy is life! A bright bag can add a whole lot of life to the way you look over 40.

Carry it year-round – in summer with white and in winter with black. It’s bold and beautiful. I also think it’s an ideal size for everyday outings. It’s not too big and not too small. Plus, it has studs on the bottom, so it never gets dirty if you set it down. Could you take it to work or wear it casually? This bright bag wows!

Bright bag - Hot Pink Marc Jacobs mini bag worn with pink striped ruffle skirt and black t-shirt | styled by Fabulous After 40


Hot Pink Purse

Have you bought a mini tote yet? These small and feminine bags have been very fashionable lately. Here is one by Marc Jacobs that looks adorable worn with this ruffled, candy-striped wrap skirt. This bag is just big enough for a small wallet, your car keys, a brush, and some lipstick. It’s perfect for a night out when you are tired of lugging around a big, heavy bag. Too cute to resist!

Bright bag - Yellow Calvin Klein worn with jeans, pink top | Styled by Fabulous After 40


Sunny Yellow Bag

Here’s a bag that will make you feel cheery because of its sunny color. This sporty yellow tote by Calvin Klein makes an everyday outfit, like jeans and your favorite summer look fresh and exciting. This pretty shade of yellow is bold but not overpowering, warm, and inviting.

It’s a happy-looking bag to have in your wardrobe this summer, and surprise, it’s reversible, so you get two purses in one! Dump your good old black or beige purse and go for this!

Do you have a favorite electric bright color? I always love a bright red bag. Take a look! 

Speaking of Color……..

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    One more suggestion, it would be even better to do it for my girl highschool friends. It could be Look at makeover for 35 class reunion ladies in magazine or something. this would mean so much to me. we lost one of our friends to lympoma. we use to go on long weekend trips every year, but we have not since she died. this would mean so much, we would love to honor her. she died April 21, 2006. thanks for reading this. we actually had eaten at top of world trade center, and then went back after fallen. was very somber to know you had fun with people in the restaurant and have pictures of them. just rambling now. If interested I have a lot more to say and tell.

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