How to Style Wearable Art Clothing and Accessories

Florals, stripes, and polka dots are the classic prints of summer, but there’s one more.  Wearable Art clothing and accessories showcasing pretty painted scenes are a fun way to express your playful side.

I found that out when I came across this cute painted handbag ( similar ) to go with my coral fringe dress. It was fun for a change and a real conversation starter!

Here are some tips on how to style wearable art clothes and accessories.

Wearable Art clothing | European Street Scene Top with Skinny Jeans

1.  Make Wearable Art Your Focal Point

Wearable Art clothing can look chic, or it can look cheesy, and much of that depends on how you wear it.  The key thing to remember is that wearable art clothing needs to be the focal point of your outfit. You don’t want a whole lot of other stuff junking things up and taking the spotlight away from the main art piece.

For example, a one really good way to achieve this is to style the rest of your outfit very neutral. This colorful top with the European street scene, above, is bright and busy. To honor that,  it’s been styled with dark denim jeans, a tank bag, and blush sneakers. This makes the outfit look balanced. The top pops and the rest of the outfit are like the background canvas, but without being boring. The shoes are neutral but add some much-needed texture to this look.

This isn’t the only way to style a wearable art top, but it is a classy way to do it. It’s a casual outfit, but the top adds a nice dose of drama and fun.

Wearable Art Clothing | Italian Riveria Scene Sleeveless Sheath Dress

2.  Choose A Modern Silhouette

Picture a print like the one on this sheath dress as part of a tiered, full ruffled top and skirt. The look and vibe would be quite different!  The best wearable art clothing has a clean, simple, refined silhouette. This way you see the print, and you don’t look like a big, busy mess.

Too much fabric or detail + an art print is overkill. To look modern keep it streamlined and classy and avoid clothing with lots of features like buttons, pockets, zippers, layers, etc.

3.  Stick to a Theme

Much of the wearable art clothing that is popular right now has a travel theme. For example, this dress above with the seaside homes and blue-green Mediterranean water reminds me of the Italian Riveria. Since there’s a global/ exotic feel to this cute dress, why not play that up with accessories in the same theme?

Elegant gold sandals and a chic rope bag are right in sync with this holiday look. Think of your wearable art clothing like a story, and your accessories help tell the story.

Wearable Art Clothing |Colorful Garden Scenic Shirt Dress

4.  Keep it Playful

Wearable Art clothing, especially travel-themed, makes us dream about summer and vacation time.  The clothes I’m showing are whimsical, playful, and light-hearted. I’ve given you a few tips about styling them but don’t get too serious about it all.

If you like color and want to add a dash here or there, choose a color found within the dress’s print.  Like this yellow bag, one small shot is all you need to make your look more playful and cheery.

Keep your jewelry casual ( costume jewelry is perfect) and keep it to a minimum to complement and not distract from your wearable art print.

If you like the idea of artsy clothing, but you are not keen on wearing a painting, then there is also the option to wear an abstract art print. This is usually more of a sophisticated rather than cute look.

Whatever you decide on, have some fun this summer. Try something artsy to express your creative self!

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