What To Wear With Oxford Shoes?

Dear  Deborah,

I can’t wear heels because I have problems with my feet and I’m not big on ballet flats. I prefer to wear something more interesting, like Oxfords.

oxford shoes

I notice they are getting quite popular, but I’m unsure what to wear them. Can you give me suggestions for how to look cute wearing them this summer?

Thanks, Sue


Hi Sue,

Here are some tips on how to wear a shoe that is both comfy on your feet and will score you some creative style points- the casual oxford.

Feminine Feel

Since oxford shoes are very masculine, avoid pairing them with other tomboy pieces- otherwise, you risk running into Annie Hall territory! To add some femininity to your look, pair your oxfords with a simple day dress, a floral print, or a top in a ladylike shade of pink.

You could even don a blouse with lace trim or a slight ruffle! The contrast created between a feminine piece and the masculine shoes will be very high-fashion yet wearable. Also, it will keep the oxfords from looking costume-y. Talk about a win-win!


Wear Oxfords with Polished Pieces

Oxfords are dress shoes for men; on women, they should still be paired with more polished pieces. That means nothing sloppy, ill-fitting, worn, or faded. Instead, choose pieces that are well-tailored and classic. For instance, dark denim Bermuda shorts with clean lines look amazing with oxfords.

A simple a-line skirt that fits perfect would be another ideal item to pair with them. Clean, flat-front pants with a slim leg would work on cooler days. As for a dress? A simple, structured one makes an easy, chic mate to your oxfords.

what to wear with oxfords

Choose Warm Weather Oxfords for Summer

Since most of us spent our summer in sandals, having confined toes on a warm day seems challenging. To pick oxfords that can be worn in the warm weather, try fun cut-out styles or ones with lightweight uppers like lace or mesh. Soft Oxford shoes are becoming famous for travel.

If you want to sport your Oxfords into the fall or next spring, try choosing more classic styles made from traditional fabrics like suede or cotton. These classic varieties still work for summer if you decide on softer hues- instead of black, reach for grey or taupe. Just don’t forget to pair ones made of heavier fabrics with footless socks!

Don’t Wear Oxfords with Many Accessories

Since oxfords are statement-making shoes, use a light hand when adding other accessories. A simple crossbody bag lets your boots take center stage and is a practical choice for travel. As for jewelry, one bold piece, like a great necklace, ensures an extra dose of femininity without overdoing it.

There you have it! Let your comfortable feet carry you to new experiences in your oxfords, and don’t worry about looking like a faux-pas from the ankle down. Finally, fashion and function have made a perfect match, making your life much easier.

Styled by Morgan Mullin

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4 thoughts on “What To Wear With Oxford Shoes?

  1. I have several pair of Oxfords and wear them year round with Khakis, jeans and ankle pants to work, in a business environment. I don’t get how they are masculine but it appears that many of your suggestions are geared towards making women look ‘ladylike’ and feminine. At 54, I’m pretty confident that I’m a female and I don’t need to dress in pink or flowers to prove it to anyone. So Sue, try your Oxfords with some jeans or khakis, roll them up if you’d like and enjoy. And you don’t even have to wear pink or flowers to show everyone you are a lady. I receive many compliments when I wear mine, young and old.

  2. Your story also illustrates a truism for women with foot health issues; At this stage in life you MUST be open to spending the $$ necessary to buy QUALITY items. You get what you pay for, especially with shoes. That might mean fewer things in your wardrobe because of budget concerns, but that’s OK. Most of us have too many shoes & clothes anyway.

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