Zuvi Halo Hairdryer Rescues Dry Hair!

Hi Ladies, I’m feeling great about my hair these days. It’s soft, shiny, and healthy, but it wasn’t that way a few months ago!

Today, I’m partnering with Zuvi to share my recent hair journey and the changes I’ve noticed since trying the Zuvi Halo Hairdryer.  Read on to hear my thoughts on what some call the Tessla of Blowdryers.

If you are like me, your hair is pretty important.  I like to think of it as my best accessory. When my hair isn’t right, I don’t feel right. A few months ago, I noticed my hair was super dry, no matter how many shampoos and deep conditioners I tried. And funny enough, my scalp was itchy!

It turns out I had been baking my hair and my head too! I was overdrying my hair at a very high temperature, and with my already dry menopausal scalp, this resulted.

I got a really good haircut, going shorter than usual to eliminate all those straw-like dry ends. That helped.


Around the same time, I came across Zuvi, a new hairdryer that uses infrared light and low heat to dry your hair and bring it back to life. I’ve been using Zuvi for several weeks, and the results have been fabulous!

Here’s how Zuvi Halo Light Care Technology works. In nature, water evaporation comes from sunshine and wind. Zuvi mimics nature, using light and cool temperatures to only dry your hair on the outside. This preserves the internal moisture keeping the hair cuticle healthy so it doesn’t get brittle and break.

No more baking your hair or scalp, plus Zuvi is super fast. It’s high-speed, drying your hair in half the time!

Zuvi also makes your hair 38% shinier, 17% smoother and increases color retention by 57%.  That’s great news if you highlight or color your hair! It’s no wonder it has won multiple beauty awards, including Allure’s Best of Beauty and Time’s Best Invention of 2022.

Zuvi works on all hair types but is especially good for thin or fine hair like mine. It’s great for eliminating the frizz. It comes with three attachments: a diffuser for curly hair, a special attachment for sensitive scalps, and a pro-styling nozzle.

I like to blowdry with the infrared light and then snap on the magnetic nozzle, switch to the style setting, and use it to lift and create some bounce in my hair.

Another thing I like about Zuvi, besides its sleek modern look, is it’s very lightweight, under 1.5 lbs!  It’s also easy to grip because of the textured white leather handle.

My hair is happy. I’m happy. Don’t you love finding something new that solves a beauty problem?

If you are interested in trying the Zuvi Halo Hairdryer,  now is the time to check it out.


Use code Deb12 for 12% off your order at  ZUVI. Please only use code Deb5 for an extra 5% off if Zuvi’s site has a promotion already! 


Here’s to FABULOUS hair at 40, 50, and beyond!

*Thanks to Zuvi for sponsoring this post. All opinions are mine.


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6 thoughts on “Zuvi Halo Hairdryer Rescues Dry Hair!

  1. Hi, I have very fine, relatively thin hair with no volume, and it looks greasy if air-dried. I like the healthy idea of the Zuvi, but I want to know if, aesthetically, a Dyson makes more sense because of the volume issues. (I only blow dry; I don’t curl or use other styling tools.)


    1. Hi J,
      I don’t like air drying my fine hair because I get 0 body. A regular blow dryer gives it body but dulls it, and the Dyson gives it extra body but completely sucks it dry. I would say the Zuvi is in the middle. You can dry 90% of your hair with the Zuvi and then add the styling tool to where you want to lift. That’s what I do. I’m very happy with my Zuvi for body; many people have noticed the extra shine!

  2. Hi Deb, Would you say that Zuvi hairdryer is better than Dyson? My hair has had split ends since using Dyson. Ugh, for the money, it isn’t very pleasant.

    Have a great weekend!!


    1. Hi Cindy,
      I prefer the Zuvi, at least for my hair. The Dyson gives a nice full-body kind of blow-dry, but it overdries my hair, so I can’t use it all the time, or my hair starts to feel parched! Zuvi is much more gentle. I blow dry it on the fast setting 90% (infrared light), then snap on the nozzle and switch to the style setting. My hair feels full and healthy, and I am noticing a lot more shine and definition of my highlights. Plus, it’s more pleasant to use since it is much more lightweight than a Dyson, and it’s not super hot on your scalp. But don’t be fooled. Just because it’s not super hot, don’t think it doesn’t work or dry fast. I was skeptical initially, but it’s really good!

    1. Hi Gina, I have a Dyson, too, but I rarely use it because it is so strong, like a vacuum cleaner. It sucks every ounce of moisture out of my hair. It’s too much unless my hair feels limp and requires extra volume.
      Zuvi looks similar, is much more lightweight, has low heat, and is very gentle and fast dry. It dries from the outside of the hair, leaving the core of the hair soft.

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